Walking Workouts for a Fitter You

by Janet Grischy

It’s not hard to get back your fitness. When you haven’t worked out for a while, though, start with walking—it’s easy on your body and easy to do right. But that may mean walking on noisy city streets or bumpy sidewalks. To get fit fast, you need to add a regular workout to your schedule, and walk in any weather. So the best walking workout is one you do on a treadmill.

The walking treadmill workoutwalking on treadmill

With a treadmill workout, you can make a habit of fitness. Choose the best time and establish a routine. With a treadmill, you know how fast you’re walking and how long you’ve walked. You don’t have to stop when the streetlight changes or dodge strange dogs. Chances are you’ll find regular exercise fun and relaxing, if you do it on a treadmill.

The best walking exercise routines

The best walking exercise starts with a slow warm-up, switches to increased exertion and ends with a cool-down while you congratulate yourself for finishing. Most treadmills let you set warm-ups and cool-downs before you start. Some let you climb hills to increase calorie burn and lose weight walking faster.

Walking workouts

If you haven’t exercised in a while, you’ll want to start slow and easy, and increase your speed or distance by 5 percent or less each week. Go easy to avoid muscle strain, and build up your minutes gradually. A heart rate monitor lets you know exactly how hard you’re working, so you stay in your best fitness zone. They’re easy to use and come with complete instructions.

Many people who use a treadmill point it at the TV. They catch up on the news or their favorite show while they walk. Others listen to their favorite tunes while they improve their health. It’s up to you. Your best walking workout might be nothing like someone else’s, but once you get going, you’re sure to notice a big difference in how you look and feel.


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