Forbes Recognizes Sears as Leader in Hiring Veterans

soldier saluting American recognized Sears this week for its impressive role in employing veterans during the massive down-sizing of the U.S. military and defense industry. Sears hired more than 3,500 U.S. military veterans in 2012, and they plan to hire more than 5,000 more in 2013.

Sears has been a nationwide leader in hiring veterans since World War I and also has programs in place to support military spouses, too. Sears’ Permanent Change of Station (PCS) Promise, for instance, helps relocating spouses  find a new job at the closest Sears-owned company at the family’s new location if a service member is PCSed and the spouse works for Sears. reports that the influx of U.S. military veterans will rise drastically over the coming months and years as military and defense hiring will “slow to a crawl, if not completely stop, indefinitely.”

Thankfully, companies like Sears will be there to support our military veterans and their families for all they have done for our country.


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  1. WTG and how do I follow this?

    1. In response to mmking1step

      HI mmking1step! Glad you enjoyed this profile. There are more like it! Just visit our Heroes at Home page right here. We are always posting Heroes at Home content right here on our MySears Community Heroes at Home page. Although we don't have a Twitter or Facebook page linking to our blogs at this time, visit us often to see what's new!

  2. Bravo to Sears, to me this is a highly respectable trait that all companies should consider doing.

    1. In response to rgernlein

      sears also gives military discounts on anything in store just ask for it


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