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The launch of this year’s renovation season may be more significant than in the past, as it coincided with Armed Forces Day and marked five years of Heroes at Home renovations.  On May 19th, Sears Heroes at Home and Rebuilding Together were joined by a number of volunteers to contribute man-hours to the “studs-to-roof” renovation of an historic home in Aurora, Illinois.

Volunteers worked through scorching heat to trench a garden, haul rocks and mulch, plant shrubs, pull weeds, paint siding and kitchen walls – all of which helped to make strides toward providing housing and rehabilitation services to 15 US Veterans suffering from war-borne trauma and substance abuse issues.

In addition to helping with landscaping and painting, the volunteers helped load new appliances into the house, including a refrigerator, oven and dishwasher, all of which were donated by Sears. Representatives from Sears Holdings, Rebuilding Together and Hope for Tomorrow, as well as State Representatives and veterans touted the commitment of the volunteers to our nation’s veterans, expressing deep gratitude to the service and generosity thus far, but also emphasizing the need for ongoing support.

The renovation in Aurora is just one example of the projects that Sears Heroes at Home undertakes. Currently, there are 150 projects underway across the county, all varying in size and scope – from bathroom modifications to wheelchair ramp installations, and updated windows to total roof replacements. Some projects are for single family homes, others are for groups of veterans; some directly benefit a wounded warrior, while others serve to accommodate physical needs of veterans’ family members.

The volunteers who gave their time on Armed Forces Day to help with the renovation rebuild in Aurora personify the spirit of appreciation shared by hundreds of Americans. Communities around the country have and continue to come together to provide the necessary amenities and care to veterans and their families through volunteering their time and donating their money to Heroes at Home. To date, Sears has raised $16 million and has helped over 62,000 military families receive the home modifications necessary for healthful and comfortable living. The ongoing renovation work is not possible without the dedication of volunteers and the generosity of those who donate. We encourage you to give back by donating to Heroes at Home either in-store at locations nationwide or online.

Slowly but surely, the historic home on Lake Street in Aurora is being transformed into a place of rehabilitation and care for veterans who face physical, mental and emotional difficulties as a result of the time that they spent in war. Many more homes can see renovations, many more families can be helped and many more lives can be transformed but only through donations to Heroes at Home. Give back to our veterans and give to Heroes at Home. For more information on how to get involved or to make a donation, visit sears.com/heroesathome.


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  1. What a wonderful project. Great people do this kind of things all over but not for praise. Thank you for giving them the coverage they deserve.


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