Heroes at Home Rebuilds Home for Wounded Veteran

Heroes-at-Home-Robert-Wahl-RebuildThis month, just in time for Memorial Day, one of our community projects was to rebuild the home of Robert Wahl, a 75-year-old veteran of the U.S. Army. Mr. Wahl is an amputee, but he’s committed to being self-sufficient as best he can. He keeps his home clean and well organized, but there were major repairs he couldn’t handle himself or afford to pay someone to do. There were extensive repairs needed that required a large volunteer group, skilled professionals and funding: the roof over a sunroom leaked like a sieve; the floor had been damaged and was rendered inaccessible for Mr. Wahl’s wheelchair; his fence gates had been broken, among other problems.

Heroes-at-Home-Robert-Wahl-RebuildOn top of that, Mr. Wahl recently took a bad fall and suffered multiple injuries and a concussion. While he was in the hospital, his home was burglarized. Everything of value was removed from the home. His body is recovering from the fall, but his spirit is still wounded. On April 21, Sears and Rebuilding Together Petaluma finished the needed repairs and beautified his home with fresh paint and landscaping to make it a safe and healthy place to recover and live.

Heroes-at-Home-Robert-Wahl-RebuildIn the last 5 years, Sears has stood behind our military and our veterans. In that time, we’ve raised more than $33 million and helped more than 110,000 military and veteran families. Our Heroes at Home program, in partnership with Rebuilding Together, has rebuilt more than 1,365 homes for Wounded Warriors. The Wish Registry has raised more than $18 million for 105,000 active, guard, and reserve military families.

To learn more about Heroes at Home, visit: www.sears.com/heroesathome



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