Invite a Veteran to Work – November 6th

A Century of Service Together

Sears Holdings Corporation (SHC) has been a proud supporter of America’s military, and our associates serving in the Armed Forces, since World War I. Fast-forward nearly 100 years, and our partnership is just as strong. Today, SHC employs 30,000+ veterans, and more than 1,500 active members of the Reserve and National Guard.

SHC invites all active, reserve and veteran members of our nation’s military, and their families, to join us for our first-ever “Invite A Veteran to Work Day” event in your community, and learn more about how we honor and aid our military members and families with real, meaningful support that includes:

  • Extended Military Pay Differential Benefits

  • Benefits, Pay and Position Continuation

  • Career Portability for Military Spouses

  • Award-winning Employment Services and Community Partnerships

Invite a Veteran to Work – November 6th


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