Rebuilding after Sandy: The Series

Rebuilding after Sandy is a 19-part web series shot over several months in New York and New Jersey. This special series follows two new volunteers, Maria and Melanie, who share their journey of meeting all the amazing people and organizations that are helping with hurricane sandy relief efforts.  A new episode will be released every few days till October 29, 2013.  Following are select episodes from this  special series. To view all episodes, please visit Rebuilding Together page featuring the complete series. Enjoy! – JillianJ

Episode 1: Release date Monday 9/16/13

“I felt like I had to help”: Getting Involved with Sandy Recovery

Melanie and Maria are two young women looking for ways to help their communities recover after Superstorm Sandy. They discuss their own experiences during the storm, discover Rebuilding Together and begin a six-month journey volunteering to rebuild after Sandy.

Episode 3: Release date Friday 9/20/13

“From the time we got rescued on that boat until now”: Rebuilding in Moonachie

Melanie and Maria head to Moonachie New Jersey for their first day of volunteering on National Rebuilding Day. They work with Rebuilding Together Bergen County and volunteers from Sears on the home of Millie and Pete Peterson, a couple who had to be rescued by boat the day after hurricane Sandy. They check out the Craftsman Tool Truck and work next to Ty Pennington.

Episode 4: Release date Monday 9/23/13

“Welcome home Peterson family, welcome home”: Ty Pennington

During the Moonachie Rebuild, Maria gets a chance to work alongside Ty Pennington and hear about his experience helping with the rebuilding efforts. Ty discusses how long he’s been involved with Rebuilding Together and the power of community.

Episode 5: Release date Wednesday 9/25/13

“Helping them make a difference”: Explore the Craftsman Tool Truck

Maria meets a Rebuilding Together corporate partner, Craftsman, at the Moonachie Rebuild. She learns how they’re supporting the rebuilding work, what it means to be a Rebuilding Together partner, and tests out a few tools on the way! Learn more at

Episode 8: Release date Wednesday 10/02/13

“The battle after war”: Veterans helping Veterans

Throughout their work Melanie and Maria have heard countless stories from Veterans both being helped by Rebuilding Together, and volunteering their time to help others. Hear the stories of these heroes, and the reason their service continues at home.

Episode 11: Release date Wednesday 10/09/13

“Rescue mode”: Meet the First Responders

Melanie and Maria talk with first responders who worked to save lives in the midst of Superstorm Sandy and hear their stories.


Sears Heroes at Home


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