Sears Holdings Military Veteran Profile of the Month: Anthony Borsellino

Sears Holdings employs over 30,000 military veterans, with 1,500 still in the National Guard & Reserves. We have a policy that will even pay the difference between their military and civilian pay when they’re called into active duty, so they’re not penalized for serving our country. Over the last 17 months, we’ve hired more than 5,100 veterans. Meet one of the veterans we hired last year…

Borsellino in Army

Anthony Borsellino

Military Career: Judge Advocate in the United States Army Judge Advocate General’s Corps

Sears Career: Fair Employment Consultant in Human Resources

What did you do in the military?

I was an active duty Judge Advocate (CPT/0-3) in the United States Army Judge Advocate General’s (JAG) Corps for 4 years (2007-2011). The Army JAG Corps is the legal branch of the United States Army. In addition to the general sense of fulfillment that comes through service, particularly military service, my military career allowed me to enjoy a number of amazing educational, professional development, and travel opportunities that I would never have experienced otherwise. I was able to further my study of the law at The Judge Advocate General’s Legal Center and School, deploy to Iraq with the 25th Infantry Division for a year, practice International & Military Operational law in a combat zone, and live in Hawaii for two years.

Borsellino at SearsWhat do you do for Sears?

I work in Human Resources as a Fair Employment Consultant. As a Fair Employment Consultant, my primary responsibilities include investigating and responding to formal charges of employment discrimination, and promoting the company’s compliance with the law, company policies, and affirmative action regulations.

When did you come to Sears Holdings?

I joined Sears in August 2011.

What have you learned from the transition?     

Borsellino in ArmyI was already practicing employment law and representing the United States Government in employment law matters prior to joining Sears, so the transition was relatively smooth in terms of the type of work performed. Although I was previously aware of Sears’ reputation as a military supporter, it wasn’t until I began working here that I learned that Sears is among the very best in the country at supporting our service members and veterans.

That being said, as anyone who has made the transition understands, the transition is not as simple as trading in a camouflage suit for a business suit (or blue jeans). For me, the most difficult part of the transition was turning off the rigid military mindset that was used to operating within a well-defined top-down hierarchy that minimized the need to develop professional relationships, and adjusting to a flatter hierarchy that rightly placed a much greater value and importance on generating and maintaining relationships across functional areas. Luckily, the adjustment happens naturally and pretty quickly.


Note: In the last 5 years, Sears has stood behind our military and veterans. In that time we’ve raised more than $33 million and helped more than 110,000 military and veteran families. Our Heroes at Home program, in partnership with Rebuilding Together, has rebuilt more than 1,365 homes for Wounded Warriors. The Wish Registry has raised more than $18 million for 105,000 active, guard, and reserve military families. Here is a video of some of that support of the Wish Registry from earlier this year.


Heroes from previous months:


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