Sears Holdings Military Veteran Profile of the Month: Lucas Eby

Sears Holdings employs over 30,000 military veterans, with 1,500 still in the National Guard & Reserves. We have a policy that will even pay the difference between their military and civilian pay when they’re called into active duty, so they’re not penalized for serving our country. Over the last 17 months, we’ve hired more than 5,100 veterans. Meet one of the veterans we hired  last year…

Lucas Eby

Military Career: Security Forces Operations Officer (Captain in the U.S. Air Force ’05-’12)

Sears Career: District Technical Manager

What do you do at Sears Holdings? As a District Technical Manager, I am responsible for the leadership and efficient management of the in-home technical workforce to achieve business results and goals. I lead over 20 home and consumer appliance technicians conducting repairs for customers throughout central Kentucky. I provide them mentorship, guidance and team leadership to produce the most efficient business practices and employees.

When did you come to Sears Holdings? From the time the position was posted online to the time I was hired took only 2 weeks, and I started with
the company December 4, 2012.

What have you learned from the transition? Transitioning from a stable military career was difficult to say the least. I had prepared myself over a year in advance to ensure my move to civilian life would be seamless. I fine-tuned my resume, searched and applied for 50-plus jobs in the geographical area I was planning to relocate to, networked in person and online, attended job fairs and hiring conferences, studied books and flash cards on interviewing and job seeking, and met with the state VA employment offices.

However, despite doing all these things, I still had not received a good job offer by the time I separated. I understood that I was limiting my options by only seeking opportunities in northern Kentucky, but I figured focusing 100 percent of my time on job seeking in my desired location after the military would improve my chances, especially since my family of five was relying on future employment.

Lucas EbyAbout 30 days after separation, a Sears military liaison named Mario, whom I had been in contact with for several weeks via email, mentioned a Tech Manager position that had just been posted in my desired location. I applied, spoke to the recruiter, interviewed for the job a week later, and within two weeks from start to finish I had boots on the ground in my new position.

Since my start date on December 4th, 2012, my training and transition has been very productive. There are many guides, online tools and most importantly a good supervisor and group of mentors who are guiding me on the path to a successful appliance repair technician manager. As in the military, there are many demands that come with the position, but good role models and my military experience have enabled me to learn quickly and adapt to change in my new Sears position. Respect, teamwork, decision-making, leading change, efficiency, productivity and cost-savings are just a few of the many elements that co-exist in the military and in Sears Holdings.


Note: In the last 5 years, Sears has stood behind our military and veterans. In that time we’ve raised more than $33 million and helped more than 110,000 military and veteran families. Our Heroes at Home program, in partnership with Rebuilding Together, has rebuilt more than 1,365 homes for Wounded Warriors. The Wish Registry has raised more than $18 million for 105,000 active, guard, and reserve military families. Here is a video of some of that support of the Wish Registry from last month.


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  1. Thank you for you service Captain Eby! Sears is lucky to have you. God bless you and your family!

  2. This is a great story! Thank you for serving our country, Lucas!


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