10 New Year’s Resolutions You Can Keep

Working out and losing weight are great resolutions, but such traditional goals may be as difficult to reach this year as last. Why not commit to something different?
Here are 10 ideas for resolutions that may be better fits for your lifestyle and which may be easier to keep. The list is not definitive, but trying out one or more of these resolutions will at least ensure you won’t be breaking the same boring promises you have in previous years.

10 New Year’s Resolutions You Can Keep


Learn a language

Videos, audio e-books, computer programs and websites offer hundreds of effective ways to learn a language – or several. With solid instruction and regular practice, almost anyone can speak and read an new language.

Take a class

Harmonia Thinbody Acoustic Electric GuitarHave you ever wanted to learn to play an instrument, go back to school to study a favorite subject, or get up to speed on skills needed for career advancement? The New Year is the perfect time to take an online class or sign up for a course at the local community college or adult education center. Some professional certifications in technology and food preparation, as opposed to associate’s or bachelor’s degrees, can be earned in as little as 6 weeks.

Go somewhere

Experiencing a change of scenery doesn’t require traveling the world. Pick a great destination within driving distance of your home and hit the road.

Be more social

You probably spend more time on Facebook than in face-to-face interactions. Flip that script by asking friends and family members to meet in person at least once a month for dinner. Seeing people in the flesh can be a lot more fun than reading their messages on a computer monitor.

Enjoy the outdoors

Getting out into the sunshine improves your mental health and makes you feel happy. Make time to go for at least a short walk outdoors each day so you can soak up some rays and breathe fresh air.

Cook healthier meals

Working and taking care of your family reduces the time you have to prepare great-tasting, nutritious meals. Despite that, commit to cooking one good dinner each week and to eating leftovers the next day. This cuts out the need to cook for one day each week. Also, eating healthier improves your mood while helping you lose weight without going hungry.

Make a financial plan

Make and stick to a plan that allows you to earn a little money on the side and pay off some debt. Doing this can reduce your stress and let you enjoy things you love.

Do for others

Donate blood or spend time volunteering at a nonprofit organization. Giving back to your community lets you focus on the positive contributions you can make rather than thinking about what is bad. Even brief periods spent helping others in need increases your reserves of positive energy.

Read a book each month

buying new booksYour brain needs exercise as much as your body does. In addition to getting you thinking and learning, reading before bed helps you relax and sleep more soundly. Buying new books each month is not a necessity, as your local library adds new titles almost daily.

Keep a previously broken New Year’s resolution

Most people make New Year’s resolutions shortly before breaking them. Instead of making a new broken promise to yourself, pick up where you left off with an unkept promise to improve yourself and your life.


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