4 Ways to Spice Up Your Holiday Wreath

Chief Home Design and Branding Officer Theresa Strickland shares four variations on the traditional holiday wreath that can be used year-round. What do you do to make your holiday wreaths more unique and interesting?

Gold WreathSilver Wreath

Modern Monochromatic Wreath:  A single color makes a big statement. Collect cuttings, tree branches, pine cones, crabapples and leaves from your yard. Purchase a simple Styrofoam wreath and poke your shrubs in evenly all over. Choose embellishments in only one color or cover the finished piece with a single hue of spray paint. My favorite color for a project like this is silver – you just can’t loose!

Wreath as Tablesetting: Wreaths are not just for your doors! For an impact your guests will love, set three wreaths down a long dining room table, placing candles or flowers within.

Fanciful Feathers: Feathers are fashion forward and can give a simple grapevine wreath a soft, cozy feel.  Try natural tones or vibrant colors that fit your holiday décor.  Look for feathers of all shapes, sizes and colors at your local Kmart or craft store.

All in the Family: Your wreath can show off your family’s personality!  Start with an assortment of very small picture frames.  Fill them with shots of each family member.  Attach frames to wreath with floral wire.  Don’t forget the family pets!


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