5 Fun Earth Day Activities for Kids

earth day 911Public awareness about the environment in the U.S. began in earnest 43 years ago – on April 22, 1970. More than 20 million people in America got together on that day to demand a cleaner world. Earth Day protesters learned to press their agenda so successfully that the government created the Environmental Protection Agency to meet their demands.

The Clean Water, Clean Air and Endangered Species Acts were passed then, too. Many parents are inspired by the achievements environmental activists have made through Earth Day and look for ways to get their children involved and help them grow up to be conscientious about the environment.

Here are five great Earth Day activities for your kids to get involved.

  1. Go on a family hike in a forest preserve or state park with your kids to help them appreciate nature. For more information on how to take a nature hike, try a nature appreciation website like Sierra Club or Trail Link.
  2. If your child finds cooking an interesting activity, you could choose one of many Earth Day activities for kids that involve food. Spend the day in the kitchen with your child and rustle up some healthy food that helps him think about the environment. You can discuss how only a healthy environment can give us food that’s healthy. You can talk about making the world a better place through always choosing healthy, pesticide-free food. Once you have rustled up a good, natural feast, take it out for a picnic in the park.
  3. The magic school bus and the climate challenge book coverReading can be one of the best Earth Day activities for kids. Your local library or online bookseller will have a great selection of Earth Day books that will delight children. Titles like The Magic School Bus and the Climate Challenge are great hits with the kids.
  4. Tending to the garden is a great way to celebrate Earth Day with your kids. The best part about gardening for Earth Day is that it naturally requires an extended commitment. Your child could start planting on Earth Day and tend to those plants throughout the growing season. Gardening will doubtless help your child connect deeply with the environment.
  5. Very few things help a child connect with the environment the way wildlife appreciation does. Finding wildlife to watch doesn’t have to be difficult. A simple birdfeeder or squirrel feeder in the backyard is all it takes. You could go out and buy one of these with your child and set it up in the backyard. Your child will have a lot of fun watching all the birds and squirrels stopping by for a drink.

The idea behind Earth Day activities for kids is to help your child gain a real attachment to nature. Attachment to the environment, once learned in childhood, is a lifelong gift your child will cherish.


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  1. Number 4 is a great idea. It is the perfect time to get a garden growing! A good opportunity to teach kids about where their food should come from!


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