5 Great Gift Ideas for Runners

5 Great Gift Ideas for Runners

Unsure what to buy for the runner on your gift list? While running requires very little gear, several accessories and gadget can make hitting the road more often and enjoying a workout easier. Here are 5 presents most any runner will be sure to love receiving this holiday season.

running shoesReplace those running shoes

Running may be enjoyable, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy – especially for someone wearing old, broken-down shoes and sticking to sidewalks of hard concrete. The more miles a person logs, the more often he or she will need new running shoes.
And because the insides of shoes often lose padding and the ability to protect runners’ feet before the outsides show much wear, runners wearing last year’s shoes can be at risk for a variety of injuries. In addition to looking and feeling great, then, new running shoes will help keep the runner on your list safe.

Fit them with a fitness watch

Many runners love to obsess over their distances, time splits and vital signs as they exercise. Presenting them with a fitness watch that allows them to display a stopwatch, pedometer, heart-rate monitor and GPS coordinates can help them track successes and set new goals.

Wrap them in cold weather running clothes

Dedicated runners who hit the road during all four seasons need clothes that keep them warm during winter workouts. Some shirts made especially for runners wick away sweat to conserve body heat.

Work your way into their ears

earbudsMany runners love listening to music, podcasts or audiobooks while working out so they can stay energized and entertained. Traditional headphones can be too bulky and move around too much, however. A great pair of earbuds will help your runner enjoy audio without experiencing interference from bulky, unwieldy equipment.

Lend the support of a smartphone armband

Your runner needs something to hook those earbuds into, but carrying a smartphone can be a real hassle. Fortunately, there are a wide range of smartphone armbands that allow runners to keep their electronic devices within reach but tucked out of the way.


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