Adult Halloween Ideas When You Don’t Have Kids

adult halloween funJust because you don’t have kids doesn’t mean you can’t have fun on Halloween. Broaden your holiday horizons and try adult Halloween ideas that may turn into traditions.

Trick-or-treat fun

You may be too old for trick-or-treating, but you can still enjoy the Halloween action. If you live in a neighborhood where you know lots of kids come around every year, decorate the front entrance of your home and make it welcoming in a spooky kind of way. And don’t stop there. The best Halloween adult costumes are limited only by imagination. Create your own, or buy one of a well-known action figure that kids can relate to. When you open the door and the kids shout “trick or treat,” the trick will be on them!

Best Halloween adult costumes

pirateWhether you’re at home surprising the neighborhood kids on Halloween night or attending a Halloween party, you’ll want to be hip to the best adult Halloween costumes this year. Traditional scary costumes are always in vogue, especially if you invoke your inner sexy witch or freaky zombie. Historical characters can also be fun, such as a saucy pirate or a Greek goddess for women, or the Lone Ranger and Al Capone for men. Couples often pick a similar theme and dress up as their favorite famous pair, such as Superman and Lois Lane.

Adult Halloween decorations

Host a party at your house, or get together with friends and borrow or rent space elsewhere. Pick a Halloween theme – famous couples, a decade such as the psychedelic ‘60s, favorite literary characters, or television and movies. Your decorations can be as simple as orange and black streamers, a table centerpiece, plain or carved pumpkins, and pots of fall flowers. Or you can kick up the scary quotient and cover windows with cobwebs and spiders, hang skeletons and scatter fake bottles of poison around.

Host a scary adult movie night

Take a silent poll among your adult family and friends and pick the horror movie that creeps out everyone the most. Give each of your guests their own Halloween snack bag filled with movie theater popcorn, nuts and Halloween candy. Wash it down with soft drinks or some adult beverages.

Adult Halloween ideas for drinks

Immediately set the Halloween mood when you greet your guests with a colorful, spooky drink using a small amount of dry ice. The fog lifting from the surface is an instant conversation starter. You can also find recipes online for a candy corn martini (vodka infused with candy corn) or a blood-red martini. An olive dropped in the bottom of any drink becomes an eyeball.



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  1. Ahhh yes there are many fun ways for adults to enjoy and celebrate Halloween, why you can dress your dog up, then you take him out Trick or Treating, hey if you have a sweet tooth and are too cheap to buy some confections this is the best way you can get candy. Don't fear people will know you have your dog dressed up as Dora the Explorer, you can just say your kid is shy when your dog doesn't speak up when the person says what a cute kid and great costume, and if your dog ***** on the neighbor's step, don't worry it's dark out so no one will know and if by any chance the **** is detected while you are getting your treats, you can just blame that **** on bad teenagers!

    I say host an adult scary film fest while you serve and drink those candy corn martinis, also hire some people to dress up as the villains from the movies you are watching, have them jump out of closets, from behind doors etc at the most pivotal and scariest parts of the movies, now I advise to cover all chairs and sofas in plastic sheets, take it from me some people , when bombed and watching terrifying movies can have major accidents when the villains pop out to scare them.I had to through out my whole living room set and two ottomans.


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