Be Our Valentine. Feb. 11th


  • What is the best Valentines Day gift you have ever received?
  • Share your most memorable gift and why with us.  We will randomly select a winner from all entries received to be our Valentine for the day and win a prize!

Daily challenge closes at 11:59pm on February 11, 2012. See Official Rules Here

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  1. Flowers and dinner with my honey!

  2. I am not a jewelry person at all but I always wanted diamond earrings so for our first married Valentine's Dsy he surprised me with a pair!

  3. breakfast in bed!

  4. My husband. His birthday is valentines day.

  5. a romantic breakfast followed by an afternoon romantic movie and a romantic dinner to top it off

  6. My Valentine Patty three years ago made dinner "lamb" then after a few glasses of wine she gave me my gift! A new bird "cockatiel" and his name is Gilly - wonderful entertainment because he whistles the Matberry tune. ha ha

  7. My daughter was the best ever gift I could receive....♥♥♥♥

  8. A "homemade" or hand made card from my family is the best Valentine's Day gift!! I shows how much time and effort you put into making a card or something;not just buying something.

  9. I got the best Valentines Day present when I was 6 years old. The girl I had a crush on actually had a crush on me. She gave me a home made Valentines Card with lace doily trim and a chocolate kiss. Then she held my hand on the school trip to the library. I'm much older now but I still remember that day. Simple gesture from a simpler time.

  10. My best Valentine gift was the two dozen roses I had receive from my husband the year before we were married.

  11. Mine was my daughter born Feb. 14th 2001. The best Valentines Day Ever!!!

  12. My engagement ring from my boyfriend. We just celebrated our 49th wedding anniversary.

  13. A valentine's from my young daughter!

  14. A stuffed singing gorilla from my hubby. It was so cute and every time I heard it sing I had to smile. I still have that gorilla, it is starting to fade as it sings, but it still makes me smile.

  15. a red ryder bb gun that shot chocolate!

  16. Home cooked meal n cuddletime

  17. A weekend getaway to Las Vegas that my fiancé surprised me with!

  18. Hubby surprised me with a spa day!

  19. My most memorable Valentine's Day gift was a homemade card from my husband. I remember it (and still have it) because he wrote a poem that he put in the card. It was the sweetest and most sentimental thing ever.

  20. flowers, candy, and dinner.

  21. the years my wife has honored me with her presence.


  23. Chocolates, always what I love for Valentines Day

  24. My sweet wife gave me a hug, a kiss and a note. The note sent me around the house collecting more notes, each with an "I love you". Finally the last note sent me to my workshop where a Craftsman Tool box was waiting for me. Wow, what a great gift!

  25. I want to buy something I want, not something I need

  26. The best gift my hubby gave me is:A Bubble bath with roses..Then me gave me a back rub..Then a home made Dinner..With a Steak made like a heart..Then the best thing is what he said..I love you now and forever..Been with you 36 years and the best are yet to come..

  27. My husband! And I've kept him for 55 years!!!!!!!

  28. Coupons from my son to clean his room, go for a walk together, etc. I just love him =)

  29. The best has been one of a kind jewelry!

  30. My best was when my hubby gave me a teddy bear and a box a candy. The candy is long gone, but 26 years later, I still have that teddy bear. My hubby wanted to toss it out, but I told him wherever that teddy goes I go. And should he ever see teddy gone, that means I have left him LOL.

  31. My best gift was a dozen yellow roses, my favorite! He finally remembered!

  32. a giant peanut butter heart

  33. The 1st Valentine's card that my grandaughter made me.

  34. my boyfriend surprised me with a visit from my best friend whom I hadn't seen in 4yrs! That was the most thoughtful gift he could have given me!

  35. The best present I had ever received was the Ultrasound Photo of my son! The day I will never forget and think about it every Year on Valentine's Day! My husband buys me gifts but nothing will ever take the beautiful gift of my Miracle Child!

  36. She gave me unlimited kisses.

  37. I received a jewelry that belong to his grandmother, has a token of his love and to signify that I know belong to his family

  38. Aloha, The best gift I got for my favorite holiday was a picture my husband did of our daughter. He didnt do it but he ordered it put it together. got her dressed and styled and w/o me knowing anything. Surprised me w/ breakfast in bed w/ a note that lead me to the picture hanging in my office, With my daughter looking like Vanna White with her arms up like this is for you mom. I balled like a baby on the spot. It was a great B& W photo he took while we were at the fair. great shot and great present that for once had nothing to do w/ me putting it together. mahalo for the chance to share!

  39. My favorite Valentine's Day gift is every gift I have ever received for Valentine's Day. WHY? Because I feel each one comes from the heart. Those times are to be cherished, and I so do that!

  40. I was given a piece of jewelry that had belonged to my grandmother who had passed away a year to the day before I was born. The diamond has passed from Grandmother to Mother, and now to me, and this would of went on to my daughter but she passed away a few years ago, but the memories will remain with me forever. I now will pass this on to my oldest son, and may he always keep this until his 50th wedding anniversary, and give his bride a wonderful diamond ring.

  41. when my husband bought me a Jane Seymour Open Heart necklace

  42. My best Valentines Day gift I have ever received was flowers from my hubby.

  43. When I was 11 years old, a boy at church surpised me with a long-stem pink carnation for Valentine's Day. It was the first time a boy ever gave me a flower, and it was SO UNEXPECTED! I think it was the ONLY time anyone has ever surprised me with a gift. Although it was inepensive and oh so many years ago, it is still the BEST V-day gift ever. <3

  44. My wife and I exchange the same one every year--22 years now.

  45. My boyfriend lives in London and he visited me one year for Valentine's Day. That was the best gift I ever received was being in his arms.

  46. The best valentine present I ever received was when my boyfriend at the time gave me a Coach bracelet and a gift card to Victorias Secret.

  47. homemade gifts my kids made at school

  48. A new set of wedding rings.

  49. A valentine my son made a school just for me.

  50. Mine is when fiance surprised me with dinner, dancing and a night at a hotel in a jaccuzzi suite

  51. A gold belt with hearts dangling from it when I was 8. My Mom told me I had enough clothes-but then surprised me with it on V-Day a week later.

  52. A card from my mom. Every year she says she's not getting my siblings and I anything and every year she does anyway. I can always count on her to get me something.

  53. My engagement ring when my husband asked me to marry him 19 years ago!

  54. My most memorable gift was a card from my step daughter telling me how I was like a mother to her. It said that I was her heart.

  55. A card made by my 2 daughters!!

  56. A box that my son made. He worked so hard on it that it really touched my heart

  57. I was given a heart shaped sucker from my son when he was in first grade when I got home from work.

  58. My husbands time....going on a hike

  59. My wife bought me a new set of golf clubs

  60. The best Valentines Day gift I've ever received was my son who was born a few days later.

  61. The best gift I ever received was a jewlery box that my husband made by hand for me for our first Valentines day together.

  62. One year my husband brought home roses for all of his "girls". We have three daughters and he included them in the special valentines surprise. They were quite young but were so excited to receive flowers, just like Mom did. They still talk about it

  63. The best Valentines Day gift i have ever receive was a stuff animal deliver to my house with a message in the card saying your the eyes that illuminate my eyes by seeing you every time we meet and enjoy each other. Plus with chocolates.

  64. Flowers from my daughter.

  65. My best Valentine's Day present was a gift was the first gift from my husband: a box of chocolates and an evening at a restaurant in town. It was an evening to remember, and I am glad to type this memory in for you :)

  66. THe best Valentines gift I ever received happened this year this weekend as a matter of Fact. He took me to see the movie the Vow. (He never ever ever will see a chick flick) and then off to a romantic dinner.

  67. The best Valentine's Day gift I received was when my husband took me to Ensenada for a long romantic weekend getaway.

  68. My best Valentine's Day Gift was the birth of my granddaughter. Better than flowers and chocolate! Arlene

  69. I met my husband on Valentines Day 1980 and we were married on February 12, 1982. Been 30 wonderful years! Carol G.

  70. LOVE

  71. My best gift was back in elementary school when we would receive Valentines Day cards from all of our classmates. I miss that...those were the good ol' days.

  72. My best Valentines gift was a puppy.

  73. February 14, 2003 was my best valentine day ever. It was my first year as a mom to my beautiful daughter Anna and my first year as a wife to my awesome husband Chris

  74. February 14, 2003 was my best valentines ever. It was my first year as a mom to a beautiful daughter named Anna and my first year as a wife to my awesome husband chris.

  75. My Most memorable Valentine Gift I ever received was from my Grand Children - Home made Valentine Cards just for me! I will alwasy have these cards to cherish!

  76. The gift of my better half saying yes, Valentines day is also our anniversary..

  77. I received a coupon book for my kids, then 4, 6 and 10. The coupon book were for things like "Good for one free foot rub" and "Good for one free dish washing", it was so so cute, I will never forget it.

  78. a gift from my unborn chid from my husband

  79. A pair of diamond earrings with the first "I love you". I was shocked, because my husband (boyfriend at the time) was the kind of guy who would get engaged as a joke (as we did on our first date with each one of us wearing a diamond earring on our left ears), but would never say the love words, or never wanted to get married or have kids. He was 40 when he changed his mind and I'm glad I was the one to change it. I never took off my first Val day gift and still wear and love the pair of earrings. Why earrings? Because I believe spending few grand on a ring is a waste of money... we spent it later on our two honeymoons in Europe :)

  80. an engagement ring!

  81. ♥♥♥ My dog ♥♥♥

  82. My best Valentine's Day present was a night on the town. My new spouse and I went out to eat, along with several other places that evening. We enjoyed it a lot. It was my first birthday present from my new spouse so that is why I remember it so well. I will always cherish that evening.

  83. My husband not being mad at me when I accidently lost the diamond from my engagement/wedding ring set. (After 53 years)
    Instead he gave me a new wedding band.

  84. My best gift was my very first box of chocolates from a boy! It was big red and had pink lace on it.

  85. flowers because they smell good

  86. My husband gave me this gorgeous necklace for V-day last year! it had a lot of meaning behind it so it means the world to me!

  87. A stuffed Pink Panther that says I Love You. I received it 28 yrs ago and it still sits on my couch. It is from my husband.

  88. flowers from my sweetie cause he loves me!

  89. My number one gift for Valentines was was....wait never got one :-(

  90. A card from my honey. I know he does not like to go to a store and look through them, but he will do this for me! Somehow, he'll always find the right one! We aren't the flowers, candy, and romantic dinner type. We both enjoy the little things in life awhole lot more.

      • jjn
      • New Freedom, PA

    Last December, just in time to put family Christmas plans in a tizzy, I had a heart attack followed by a stroke that disabled the right side of my body. This week, I received news that my heart is mending well and I came home able to walk with a cane and with partial use of my right arm. We as a family are going to celebrate Christmas and our 36th anniversary on Valentine's day which will make it the best gift.

  91. The precious gift of my 4 children...:)

  92. My best Valentine gift was a Losbter dinner with a bottle of Champagne and a it all candle lite and a very romantic setting

  93. V-Day 2009 - at the time we didnt know but later counted back and realized our son was a "gift" around Valentine's Day. He was born Oct 28th that year. I tease my husband ea year since that he can't top that one ;)

  94. The love and attention my fiancee gives me everyday, not just on Valentine's Day

  95. the best valentine gift was when he made dinner and it was 2 lobster tails and 1 dungeness crab for me he knows that moving from calif to iowa has been tough for the last 5 years and he wanted to make me feel welcome then so that was great of him to think of that

  96. I would have to say it was a card from my daughter. I say this because it was my first time as a mom. My husband even had her hand print put in it. It was so sweet to have my husband go the extra length to do that. It made me feel really good!

  97. the best gift i recieved was from my sons when they were young,handmade cards and a chocolate cake they made and decorated..

  98. Getting to see my poppop one last time. He died 5 days later. We traveled to visit him.

  99. A dozen long-stemmed roses delivered to me at work. It was such a nice surprise.


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