Be Our Valentine. Feb. 7th

CHALLENGE:  Can you guess what this item is?

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  1. A monkey sock doll

  2. a valentine sock monkey.....

  3. smiley monkey face

  4. purple and white sock monkey with red lips

  5. Valentine's purple sock monkey.

  6. Sock Monkey

  7. Valentine Purple Sock Monkey

  8. purple sock monkey

  9. Sock monkey

  10. sock monkey

  11. sock monkey

  12. Sock Monkey

  13. Ladies valintines pull over sweater

  14. Valentines Day classic~Sock Monkey

  15. sock monkey

  16. Be my valentine cuddly classics sock monkey

  17. sock monkey

  18. Sock monkey

  19. Sock monkey

  20. Sock Monkey

  21. Sock Monkey Face.

  22. socks

  23. socks

  24. socks

  25. Monkey

  26. sock puppet

  27. a sock monkey

  28. it looks like a cat

  29. a sock monkey

  30. a sock monkey

  31. A sock monkey

  32. purple and white socks?

  33. Sock monkey

  34. Sock Monkey

  35. sock monkey

  36. Sock puppet!

  37. sock monkey

  38. Looks like a stocking.

  39. It's a Valentine Day's classic sock monkey

  40. It's a sock puppet

  41. sock monkey

  42. Sock puppet

  43. It is a knit dog

  44. sock puppet

  45. sock monkey

  46. It's a sock monkey.

  47. sock monkey

  48. Sock Monkey

  49. sock monkey

  50. sock monkey!

  51. long sleeve sweater.

  52. I think it's a Valentine Sock Monkey

  53. Sock Monkey

  54. Sock Monkey

  55. a sock monkey

  56. I think it may be a sock monkey ;)

  57. Valentine Sock monkey

  58. Be My Valentine Cuddly Classics Sock Monkey

  59. A valentine sock picturing a happy monkey, must have shopped at Sears.

  60. Sock monkey

  61. It is a ladies white with purple narrow stripes sweater.

  62. a sock monkey

  63. Sock monkey

  64. A sock Monkey

  65. A beautiful sock monkey

  66. A sock monkey!

  67. sock monkey stuff animal Xo


  69. Sock monkey

  70. sock monkey

  71. Be My Valentine Cuddly Classics Sock Monkey

  72. a sock monkey

  73. Be My Valentine Cuddly Classics Sock Monkey

  74. sock monkey

  75. sock monkey.

  76. sock monkey

  77. sock monkey??

  78. A sock monkey!!

  79. A cute Purple SOCK MONKEY :D my lil girls FAVE color!!

  80. looks like a sock monkey to me!

  81. sock monkey

  82. A sock monkey!!!

  83. socks


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