Christmas Shopping 2010 – The Top 25 Christmas Gifts Under $25

Top 25 Christmas Gifts Under $25Gifts for Women

  1. Conair Foot Vibes Massaging Slippers for Women – $19.99
    “I would recommend these to absolutely every woman out there particularly those that wear heels because these will relieve the pain in minutes!”
  2. Presto Orville Redenbachers Hot Air Popper – $24.99
  3. Kalorik Silver/Beige Fruit Juicer – $17.99
    “I’ve had juicers in the past that had a bunch of little grooves that made them impossible to clean, but this is fantastic.  Yay juice!”
  4. Hamilton Beach Slow Cooker – $17.99
  5. Conair Benefits Heated Seat Cushion – $19.99
  6. Laura Scott Women’s Double Breasted Jacket – $17.99
  7. iHome Portable iPod/MP3Speaker System – $19.99
    “You will definitely be happy with the speakers you get for the money! It is worth every dime.”
  8. Merkury innovations 1.5 inch LCD Digital Photo Viewer Keychain – $19.99
  9. Sunbeam 6-Speed Hand Mixer – $19.99
  10. Celine Dion Sensational Moments – $15.19
    “This is great for night wear and a little goes a long way. You should definitely give Celine a try!”

Gifts for Men

  1. Conair Foot Vibes Massaging Slippers for Men – $19.99
    “I bought these for my son in law along with a pink pair for my daughter. They both love them and say they are comfortable and really give a good massage!!”
  2. NFL Grooming Kit – $15.00
  3. Craftsman 21 Pocket Black Tool Bag – $19.99
  4. Craftsman 18 pc. Screwdriver Set – $21.99
    “This is a great starter set of screwdrivers.  It covers the most common sizes and it’s relatively inexpensive yet comes with the Craftsman warranty.”
  5. Sharper Image 3 Piece Set (Multi-Tool) – $10.00
  6. Micro Innovations Mini Optical Mouse – $24.99
  7. Canyon River Blues Bubble Jacket – $19.99
  8. Sharper Image All Weather UV Binoculars – $9.99
  9. Dockers Feather Edge Belt – $18.99
    “This belt is really good looking and elegant”
  10. Craftsman DOG BONE SAE Wrench – $19.99
    “I schlep about 34 lbs. of tools in a customized tool belt so I always try to find multi-purpose tools to try to save weight as much as I can so when I saw these dogbones I knew I had to get them.”

Gifts for Kids

  1. Toy Story 3 DVD – $20.99
  2. Hello Kitty Three Drawer Jewelry Box – $14.98
  3. Nerf N-Strike Recon CS-6 – $17.99
    “This is nerf’s best gun yet! With many gadgets and parts, this gun will give you the best accuracy you can get with nerf no matter which style you shoot with.”
  4. My First Kenmore Top Kitchen Cookware – $14.99
  5. Dora the Explorer Tunes Guitar Mega – $15.99
    “I got this for my 3 yr old’s bday…it is a lot of fun…she really enjoys strumming the strings and making her own music.”

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