Father’s Day Gift Ideas for Grilling Dads

If your dad is one of those guys who take great pride in his grilling skills, or even if he falls into the beginner category, Father’s Day is the perfect time to find grill gifts for Dad. Check first to see how many grill tools and accessories he already has, and then put together a gift set customized just for him.

Stainless-grill-toolsGrilling gift sets for the beginner

Maybe your dad has just begun to experiment with his new grill. His grilling gift set should include basic grill tools and even ideas to help him learn the art of grilling.

Grill tools and utensils. Basic sets usually include an 18-inch spatula and fork for safety when moving heavy cuts of meat, long-handled chef tongs and an 18-inch basting brush for sauces. For the advanced griller, buy him chef-worthy stainless steel grill tools, shown at right, with eight essentials: a knife-edged spatula, tongs, steak fork, basking brush and four steel skewers. If they come in a handsome aluminum carrying case that’s been monogrammed, your dad will feel like a real pro.

Digital meat thermometer. Grilling novices need a good quality meat thermometer to avoid over-cooking meat. Find one that’s battery operated, made of durable stainless steel and has a programmable unit. Your dad will no longer have any trouble timing medium rare steaks.

Stainless-grill-shieldStainless grill shield for skewers. Encourage your dad to learn the art of using skewers by giving him a stainless grill shield, shown at right. Whether he prefers using stainless steel skewers or bamboo, the shield controls the process while also offering a handy spot to place the skewers when they’re ready to be removed.

Grilling cookbook. Any grill gifts for Dad should include a grilling cookbook. Encourage him to enhance his skills with cookbooks that expand his horizons.

Kenmore-grill-lightGift sets for a grill master

For top chef dads that already have all the basic grill tools, focus your search on specialized grill accessories and tools.

Grill lights. Dads that take their grilling seriously need the best lighting available. Buy yours a special Kenmore grill light, shown at right, that attaches to the top of his grill.

Meat-branding-ironBranding iron. For the grill master who has everything, surprise him with a customized branding iron, shown below right, with his initials or favorite insignia.

Meat smoker. Serious meat lovers understand the delicious flavor of smoked meats. Buy your dad a gas or electric meat smoker to expand his culinary horizons.

Insulated food gloves. Grill gifts for dad usually include typical grill gloves. Go one step further and buy him insulated food gloves that give him flexibility to remove hot foods without the use of a utensil.


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