Get Creative When Hosting Holiday Parties

Everyone loves a good holiday party, and being with loved ones is what makes the period from Thanksgiving to New Year’s Day the most wonderful time of the year. But attending too many traditional holiday get-togethers can get boring. So why not shake things up this year?
Whether you’re entertaining dozens of friends or just having an intimate family gathering, you can liven up any party by giving it a fun theme. Try one or more of these ideas make your party the hit of the holiday season, one even the Grinch would love.

Get Creative When Hosting Holiday Parties


Host an ugly sweater party

Your closet contains at least one ugly holiday sweater. Whether your grandmother knitted it with the best of intentions or it’s leftover from one of your less fashionable phases, you just can’t seem to part with your unattractive, wildly patterned pullover. “You” means “everyone.”
The usual Christmas party provides a great chance for mingling, and an ugly sweater party offers everyone the opportunity to show off their festive sweaters. No matter how unsightly it may be, an ugly sweater can make a great conversion piece. For some extra fun, you can have everyone vote for the sweater that is truly the ugliest and award the winner with a holiday gift basket.
This is one party where it is chic to be a geek. No one will have to worry about what to wear and everyone can finally put their “Sunday worst” to good use.

Throw a re-gifting party

WWE-themed bed sheetsEveryone has received gifts that just don’t match their interests or tastes. Someone out there might enjoy a miniature squirrel statue or a set of WWE-themed bed sheets, but that person is certainly not you.
Start a new tradition this year by throwing a re-gifting party to give guests a perfect way to find mismatched presents new homes. Have each invitee bring the strangest or funniest gift he or she has received. The more bizarre the presents, the more fun everyone will have.
Let each person pick a gift from under the Christmas tree, then have guests open their boxes or bags one at a time. As each item is unwrapped, the recipient can choose to keep his or her present or trade it for one already opened. Everyone will have a great time laughing at all the quirky offerings and playfully fighting over the best (or worst) gift.

Stage a Christmas movie marathon

It’s a Wonderful LifeTrade your ho-hum party for a memorable one. Make your personal traditional of watching holiday films a community affair by queuing up black-and-white standards like It’s a Wonderful Life and Miracle on 34th Street, as well as more modern classics like National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation and A Christmas Story.
No matter which perennial favorites you show, staging a Christmas movie marathon is a terrific way to spend time with friends and family. Watching festive movies is sure to put everyone in the holiday spirit, and you can offer guests a buffet of foods featured in your chosen films, such as macaroni and cheese for Home Alone or spaghetti and toaster pastries with maple syrup for Elf.


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