Gift Ideas for Your Child’s Teachers

Finding good gift ideas for teachers is important, because teachers deserve all the support you can give them. Schoolteachers do an important job, and their efforts are often underappreciated. You don’t have to spend big money to show a teacher your support, though. Simply choose him or her a cheerful gift.

Gift Ideas for Your Child’s Teachers

Ferrero Raffeallo BallotinDeciding what gift to give a teacher

Pick a gift that suits the teacher’s personality, but nothing fussy or expensive. Give a casual gift that shows your gratitude, not one that seems to require a gift in return.
Many parents automatically think of sharing some of the baked goods they make for the holidays. That can be a great gift, but check to make sure that the district allows teachers to accept homemade food. If they can’t, a box of chocolates or a tin of butter cookies is a gift of the same sort that doesn’t break any rules.
Other kinds of handcrafted gifts might also please a teacher, while they show off your artistry. If you’re making ornaments or similar holiday decorations, perhaps you can make extras for your child’s teachers. Before you offer gifts like these, though, make sure the recipient celebrates Christmas.

teacher mugTeacher’s appreciation gift ideas

Coffee mugs are traditional gifts for teachers, especially ones with slogans that celebrate teaching. You might choose a mug or two with charming animal designs instead, though, to give busy teachers a moment of escape from their jobs.
A gift card makes a great present, too. Teachers can buy school supplies with them or splurge on something they really crave. You can also buy school supplies yourself, and save the teacher a trip. Nowadays they can always use disinfectant wipes, glue sticks and especially paper. Some teachers post supply wish lists, so be sure to look for one when you visit the school.
Stationery and note cards are A+ gift ideas for teachers. They write a lot of notes, and you can help. Your personal gift could come in a box of pretty stationery. Just tuck in a short note of your own, signed by both you and your child, that lets your child’s teacher know how much you appreciate what he or she does for your family.


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