How to Solve the Top 5 Holiday Appliance Emergencies

Woman-and-ovenEveryone knows the frustration of having the clock ticking, guests waiting, and one of your kitchen appliances not cooperating. Whether it’s a Thanksgiving celebration, holiday get-together or a birthday party, don’t let your appliances leave you hanging.

We’ve got the help you need now! Here are the top five things people contacted us about on Thanksgiving Day last year:

How do I cancel Sabbath Mode on my oven?

Some ovens are equipped with Sabbath Mode override the 12-hour shutoff feature, that lets you turn the oven on before Sabbath starts and turn it off when Sabbath ends. An oven in Sabbath Mode displays the code “Sab ON” or a similar code.

Here are some common methods for canceling Sabbath Mode:

  • Press and hold down the CLOCK button for five seconds.
  • Press keys on the number pad in a specified order, such as “7, 8, 9, 6.” Check your manual for the sequence for your model.
  • Press the “COOK TIME” and “DELAY START” buttons at the same time. Wait three seconds before releasing.

ovenHow do I open my locked oven door?

Press STOP/CLEAR and then start the self-cleaning cycle. Wait one minute and then press STOP/CLEAR again.

How do I unlock my oven door if it’s locked open?

To trick the oven into thinking the door is closed, push in the plunger switch inside the door opening. With the switch pushed in, start the self-cleaning cycle. While still pressing on the switch, wait one minute and then press STOP/CLEAR.

How do I unlock my dishwasher door?

Start by pressing and holding the HEATED DRY key for five seconds. If that doesn’t work, the control could be defective. If you’d like model-specific instructions for disconnecting and reconnecting the control cable to see if it solves the problem, submit a question that includes your model number, to one of our resident MySears’ experts.

How do I get my refrigerator out of the Demo Mode?

refrigeratorAlso called Sales Display Mode — it displays OFF or if the lights are on but the refrigerator isn’t running. How to turn off Demo Mode varies for different models. Try one of the following:

  • Unplug the refrigerator for 60 seconds and then plug it in.
  • Press and hold the HOME key and HELP key at the same time, for five seconds.
  • Open the refrigerator door and then press and hold the ICE PLUS/ULTRA ICE key and REFRIGERATOR TEMP key at the same time, for five seconds. The door must be open.
  • Press and hold the ICE PLUS/ULTRA ICE key and the up/down keys, for five seconds.
  • Press and hold the EXPRESS FREEZE key and the REFRIGERATOR TEMPERATURE CONTROL at the same time, for five seconds.

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