How To Throw A Halloween Party Without Angering The Neighboring Apartments

You have candy for trick-or-treaters, a creepy-cool music mix to boogie down with and a DIY costume that perfectly reflects your humor and creativity. There’s only one problem: you’re in an apartment, and you really don’t want your neighbors to hate you. Take a minute to find out if your apartment is hosting any Halloween events, what your rules are and then have a blast decorating your space.


Halloween Candy 

Passing out candy on Halloween is a throwback to a simpler time when people actually visited one another at their homes instead of texted or using social media to connect.  So, don’t let living in an apartment deter you or your children from the sweet tradition. First check with your landlord, property manager or on the community bulletin board to see if your complex will have trick-or-treat hours. If so, decorate your door with a wreath covered in spider webs or other fun Halloween ornaments to let participants know you will be passing out goodies. Or, grab a friend and sit outside your door in costume. Not only will the kids love the treats, but you will get to meet neighbors you don’t often run into. If your children are participating, don’t send them around the complex alone. Move on to the next door if one knock or ring of the doorbell doesn’t produce anyone. Older kids that decide to go alone should know never to enter anyone’s apartment.

Trunk or Treat Ideas

When trick-or-treating isn’t possible, ask your landlord if the parking lot could be used for Trunk-or-Treat. Neighbors trim their car with ghoulish or autumn-themed decorations and children go from car to car collecting candy. Since the group will be outdoors, you could even incorporate a cookout and games that need more space. If this isn’t a possibility, ask friends if your children can accompany them trick-or-treating around their neighborhood. You can also check for local schools and organizations putting on alternate events.

If you live a complex with mostly younger adults or seniors without children, try hosting a shindig for the residents. For apartments complexes that allow animals, put on a pet costume contest in the parking lot or a shared living area. This will let neighbors show off their adorable pooches or feline friends while giving a great excuse to interact with one another. Put out an email to residents to do group pumpkin carving in an outdoor area, or see if anyone is interested in having a door decorating contest.

Halloween Party – Tips & Tricks

  • Apartment parties tend to get a bad reputation from movies showing cops beating on the door, out-of-hand party guests and extremely annoyed neighbors. Your Halloween party doesn’t have to end up like that. Music puts everyone in the party mood, but Monster Mash may not be what the people upstairs want to hear late at 2 a.m. A good music level is when guests can still talk to each other without raising their voices to have a conversation. After all, tunes should enhance the atmosphere, not take it over. When noise levels do start to rise, gather everyone for spooky stories. This works for both kids and adults. Pulling everyone’s focus to one person is a surefire way to keep the decibels low.
  • The best way to keep your neighbors from being annoyed by your party is to invite them. Of course, this isn’t always an option, so be proactive; stop by your neighbors’ before the party with a small Halloween treat. Once you’ve shown a friendly face, they’re much more likely to react to excess noise with a call to you instead of a call to the police. If a neighbor does come knocking to complain, apologize and immediately lower the noise; a one-night party may be fun, but you may have to deal with the consequences of angry neighbors for a long time.
  • Whether you decide to throw a rager, have a few guests over or simply stay in for the night, decorations will help put your family and friends in the spooky frame of mind. A string of purple and orange lights around windows let your friends know where the party is, and door decor is a must. Switch out regular light bulbs with black lights for a ghostly glow. Pick up a few yards of inexpensive black fabric and make a no-sew swag for curtains. Hang decorations from the swag for an easy room transition. Fake webs are another simple way to transform your everyday area into a spooky space. Tape garlands or purple and orange streams from one side of the room to the other and set out a few faux gourds and pumpkins. Plus, guests won’t complain if you set a few dishes of candy corn or chocolate treats around the apartment. Finally, put out a decorative door mat to welcome all the goblins, fairies and superheroes that may stop by this Halloween.

dog-halloweenHalloween is a special time of year that allows you to be creative and over-the-top with decorations, costumes and social gatherings. Living in an apartment doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice any of that. How do you decorate your apartment for Halloween? What tips can you share about keeping neighbors happy during a festive party?

~Rebekah Meyer

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