Kids’ Homemade Halloween Decorations You’ll Want To Pull Out Year After Year

Sometimes getting crafty with the kids yields projects that end up getting tossed after a few days or weeks. For Halloween this year, have artsy fun and make something you can decorate with for years to come. So round up the neighborhood kids, throw a kids Halloween crafts party or just gather your own children to make these neat and spooky crafts.


Halloween Decorations Ideas

  • Kids of all ages can make something they can use year after year by decorating a tote to use as a candy collectorAll you need is a plain canvas tote bag and orange, black and purple fabric paint. Have your child paint his or her name and holiday pictures and phrases. For a tidier look, pick up a few inexpensive stencils or print outlines off from the internet.  As a yearly tradition, your child can add a new picture or decoration each year to get into the spooky spirit.
  • Older kids can help you make a cute Halloween wreath using inexpensive finds. For the base, use a grapevine wreath for a spookier look, or go with a straw wreath for a country or harvest feel. Decorations won’t need to cover the entire wreath, since the base is a decoration in itself. Weave ribbon and wired ornaments around the base, securing with a hot glue gun. Be sure to monitor kids with the glue gun, or go ahead and do that part yourself. Other ornaments can be attached using the glue gun, as well. Decorations in multiples of three tend to look the best without overcrowding it. On vine wreaths, artificial webs draped back and forth add a creepy touch. Finish it off with a bow made from the leftover wired ribbon, and attach it to your front door. Kids will feel proud that they helped create such a cool decoration.
  • Make ghostly, creepy or even pumpkin themed modern art using leftover frames lying around the house. For younger kids, cut out the shape to be framed and let your child color or decorate them. Older kids can make their own shapes to cut out using pictures found online. Put the cutouts between the two pieces of glass in a document frame. For other non-glass frames, use colored construction paper as the background and use a glue-stick to paste shapes to it. This decoration can easily be switched out for each holiday or time of year by replacing the shapes. Plus, the framed look easily blends into your home decor.

Kid-proof luminaries

  • Younger kids will get a kick out of painting glass jars to use as luminaries. Gather old baby food jars, other small food jars or clear class votive holders for tea lights, or use larger glass jars for bigger candles. Make sure the jars are clean, dry and that all labels are removed. Cut out jack-o-lantern shapes from masking tape and let your child arrange them on the outside of the jar to make a face. Using acrylic orange paint, have your child cover the outside of the jar, not worrying if they paint over the tape. Once dry, remove the tape. Light the tea lights or other small candles in the jars for a spooky glow. For a safer option, use electric candles that give the flicker effect without the risk of catching anything on fire. Older kids can get even more creative, making lightening, ghost or spider shapes on the jars and using black or purple paint.
  •  Older kids can get creative using large jars, too, by making a creepy terrarium. Take your child for a walk to gather a few small twigs. Hot glue the twig to the lid of the jar so that it is vertical, making sure the twig is not longer than the jar. Add fake spiders, worms and other scary bugs to the twig (remember not to make items stick out too far since the jar still has to fit over it). Leave it natural, or spray paint the objects white, black or any other solid color. Let it dry, and then glue craft moss to the inside of the lid. Carefully screw the jar back onto the lid, with the lid being the vase. You and your child will want to decorate with the terrarium for years.

Homemade Halloween decorations don’t have to be tacky. Reusing old items, such as jars and picture frames, can make attractive decorations at a low cost. All you need is your imagination and a few craft supplies to make something that your child will be proud of, and that you will want to put out next year. What crafts have your children done that have stood the test of time?

~Rebekah Meyer

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