Make the Most of Your First Christmas as a Married Couple

The first year of marriage is full of milestones that merit commemoration, from the anniversary of your first kiss to your eventual wedding anniversary. Your first Christmas as a couple can also become a cherished memory as the years roll by, and creating great holiday memories isn’t all that difficult.
Making time for spending meaningful holiday time together can sometimes be difficult. The key to creating happy first Christmas memories is to plan to do things that you and your partner most enjoy. Here are some ideas for celebrating a Christmas both of you will remember fondly and forever.

Make the Most of Your First Christmas as a Married Couple


Pick your first Christmas tree

Visit a Christmas tree farm to choose and cut down your own tree before taking it home to decorate together in your new home.

Make your own ornaments

Traditional Christmas TreeYou need decorations for your tree and home, so why not make a few your own together? Sign up for a class at a local craft store and put together your first Christmas ornaments as a married couple. Include the phrase, “Our First Christmas Together” and the year, and each following year, hanging your handmade Christmas ornaments will bring to mind special memories.

Cook old family recipes

Whether you have the whole family over or enjoy an intimate Christmas dinner as a couple, preparing and serving the right dishes can make all the difference between sharing just another meal and sitting down to a holiday feast worth remembering.
Whip up your own versions of family-favorite recipes, being sure to make enough to share with family and friends or to enjoy as leftovers for days.

Go for a romantic holiday getaway

American Trunk & CaseTraveling to a bed and breakfast or spa for a romantic getaway can be a great way to celebrate your first Christmas together.

Volunteer together

The holiday season is all about giving, and giving back to your community is a great way to celebrate your love and togetherness. Seek out volunteer opportunities that excite you with organizations whose missions you and your partner feel passionate about. In subsequent years, work to make holiday volunteering a family tradition.


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