Non-Traditional Halloween Decorating Trends

halloween decoratingEvery Halloween, while many people are pulling out orange and black decorations, others wonder if they have different options. Fortunately, alternatives to traditional Halloween decor exist for those who wish to get creative. The only rule is to remember that there are no rules except to have fun. It’s your home and your Halloween, so make your decorations reflect your holiday spirit.

‘White Wizard’ theme

Though doing so may send interior designers into a tizzy, many people have begun using white and gold as their primary Halloween decoration colors. The best approach is to use pieces that are bleached a skeletal white but have extremely subtle gold accents, as though someone cast gold dust lightly over portions of the decor. The effect is visually stunning– beautiful, even–and is likely to remain a trend in Halloween decorating for years to come.

Pieces you can use to achieve this look arecandy bowl

  • White branches
  • White owls
  • White pumpkins sprinkled with gold dust
  • Clear and white candle holders with gold trim containing white candles
  • Birch-like bowls for candy
  • White electric chandeliers draped with cobwebs.

The idea is to suggest elegance without using contrasting colors while also creating a creepy and eerie atmosphere. Think about a white castle for a wizard who has questionable motives. White suggests goodness and purity, but the items spread through the rooms hint of impending doom without shouting out their purpose.

‘Haunted Forest’

Decorators are starting to understand that producing a Halloween feeling relies as much on instilling dread as triggering outright fright. In this vein, creating a haunted forest sets the unsettling mood without using flashy colors that prompt strong reactions of fear. This works best in the yard, but the effect can also be achieved indoors if you use some imagination.

Entering your haunted forest should make a visitor expect scares from dangerous and mysterious creatures. Props should be antique and, when viewed in the clear light of day, charming instead of frightening.

Some components useful for realizing the Haunted Forest theme include

  • Stuffed or inflated owlstorch
  • Imitation crows
  • Moss
  • Dark, hanging plants and branches with dead leaves
  • Old trees with pronounced bark
  • Darkness pierced only by faint light from torches or candles
  • Fog from dry ice or a smoke machine
  • Sounds of screeching owls, slithering snakes and creaking hinges

If you want, you can amp up the vibe by having costumed characters jump out at visitors. But this theme is usually intended to produce unease and gooseflesh instead of jumps and screams.

‘Damask Halloween’

You’ve seen beautiful combinations of white and black on everything from stationary to purses, but have you considered them for Halloween? Similar to the White Wizard theme, black and white decorations can look a bit washed out. Done right, however, the contrast is far more stark. And, conveniently and economically, many of the decorations used for the Damask Halloween theme can be left in place throughout the year.

Components of a beautiful, dramatic Damask Halloween theme can include

  • White pumpkins with black ribbons or painted designs
  • Black crow silhouettes mounted on a white wall or sheet
  • White lanterns with black accents
  • Black wreathes
  • Skulls wearing black top hats
  • White candelabras with black candles

If you’re still craving color, try adding purple elements to your Damask Halloween decor.


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