Putting Together a Wedding Gift on a Budget

by Holly Hammond

Wedding season is quickly approaching, which means lots of wedding invitations and lots of wedding gifts. Even if you can’t make it to the big event, you often want to send the happy couple at least a little something to congratulate them on their big day and let them know you’re thinking of them. When you’re on a tight budget, all of these gifts can add up quickly, though. Therefore, turn to some clever strategies to get something meaningful for each couple without going over budget.

The Registry Grab Bag: Couples often register for a wide range of gifts, including big-ticket items and tons of inexpensive things, too. When you can’t afford the bigger items, don’t worry. Just pick a theme and grab a bunch of the smaller items that fit the theme and your budget. For example, you may pick up a mixing bowl, measuring spoons, and measuring cups and call it a baking bag. You could also stick serving utensils into a cute oven mitt, even if they didn’t register for one. Or, you can buy the bathroom soap dispenser, trashcan and a set of washcloths. They’ll enjoy having several items to pull out of the gift bag, and they registered for these things, so you’re confident they actually want them.

Off the Registry: When the registry is full of items you can’t afford to buy, don’t be afraid to look for items that aren’t on the registry that you know the couple would use anyway. Give them a copy of a classic cookbook or a fun photo album for them to put their honeymoon pictures in. This also gives you the advantage of being able to shop for items on sale, which can help make your gift look like it cost you a lot more than it actually did.

DIY: It’s easier than ever to create beautiful and thoughtful gifts, thanks to Pinterest and all of the craft tutorials and blogs online. Browse craft sites for a DIY gift you could make that the couple would absolutely love. Giving something you made shows them how much you care and makes it far more likely that they’ll remember who gave it to them years down the road. After all, not many couples remember who their placemats are from, but it’s hard to forget who made them a gorgeous quilt.

Giving Your Time: When you really don’t have money to spend, think of how you could give your time in a way the couple would appreciate. For example, if you know they’re moving into a new house together but neither one is very good at gardening, you could give them each a pair of gardening gloves as a wedding gift and also give them a coupon for a series of gardening lessons this summer to help them prepare their yard, pick plants, plant them and maintain the garden.

Regardless of what type of gift you choose to give, the couple is sure to appreciate it if your thoughtfulness shows through. Don’t just get a generic wedding card and sign your name, but put a little more time into it. Write a note telling the couple why you’re so happy for them, what you most appreciate about their relationship, and even what tips you have for them as they embark on their marriage.


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