Sears and Kmart Stores Observe Earth Hour

Did you know this Saturday, March 31st from 8:30-9:30pm local time, we will be participating in Earth Hour for the fourth straight year?

Earth Hour is a world-wide call to action started by the World Wildlife Fund in 2007 to help fight climate change. To get involved, a company or individual must commit to turning down or off (where possible) any non-essential lighting. Last year, hundreds of millions of people participated by turning off their lights as did more than 1,500 famous landmarks including the Golden Gate Bridge, the Las Vegas Strip and the Empire State Building. While our stores will remain open for business, Kmart and Sears stores will participate in this initiative once again by turning off or dimming all non-essential, in-store lighting during the hour. We anticipate saving 80,000 kilowatt hours…that’s enough energy to power almost seven American homes for a year!

To go “beyond the hour,” we have earned the ENERGY STAR® label for over 150 of our stores in 2011 alone, and Kmart achieved ENERGY STAR Leaders recognition for reducing energy consumption since 2008 by more than 10% in its portfolio of buildings! We are empowering our customers to minimize their impact on the environment through education about energy-efficient products and our impressive energy-management practices. This year, our sustainability initiatives earned us the ENERGY STAR program’s highest honor – the Corporate Commitment Award.

How do you plan on spending Earth Hour this year? What are your tips to go “beyond the hour”? Let us know in the comments below!

For information on sustainability initiatives at Sears Holdings, visit our Environmental Sustainability website and follow @EnviroSears on Twitter.


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  1. Shouldn't be just for an hour or a day. I practice keeping all energy off unless you need it. I have converted all my lights to CFB and LED where capable. Purchased new Energy Star appliances for the house do drive down my electrical costs. I am 100 % electric and my highest winter bill is 169 and my highest summer bill is 114


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