Thanksgiving Leftover Meal Ideas

leftover turkeyby Diane Quinn

As you gaze at the remains of what was once your perfectly golden brown turkey, visions of Thanksgiving leftover recipes might begin to race through your head. To avoid your family complaining about eating a version of the same meal over and over again, try these unique ways to elevate your Thanksgiving leftover meal ideas.

Breakfast turkey leftovers and potatoes

Substitute diced turkey meat in your favorite breakfast hash recipe. Use a little leftover gravy to moisten the mixture. Mashed potatoes can easily be transformed into tasty potato cakes at breakfast as well. Add a little egg, milk and onion to the leftover mashed potatoes, and serve with your family’s favorite egg dish.

Asian or Mexican turkey leftovers

Just about any stir-fry recipe that calls for chicken can be switched to turkey. Dark turkey meat works well with soy sauce if you prefer Asian flavors. You can even add leftover green beans, onions or other vegetables from your Thanksgiving meal into your wok. Don’t forget Mexican chicken dishes such as fajitas, tacos and enchiladas. Substitute turkey meat, and no one will know the difference.

Turkey soup with stuffing dumplings

Transform your usual after-Thanksgiving turkey soup recipe by adding leftover stuffing dumplings. Just add a couple of eggs and flour to your stuffing as you would with a regular dumpling recipe. Add the mixture to the simmering soup toward the end, right before you add the already cooked turkey meat to the soup.

Leftover sweet potato dessert

This Martha-Stewart-worthy Thanksgiving leftover recipe idea will amaze your family when you turn leftover sweet potatoes into a gourmet dessert. Using a food processor or blender, purée a cup of sweet potatoes to make a brûlée. Combine the puréed potatoes with a cup of half and half, one egg and brown sugar. Use the directions for any basic brûlée recipe for baking time and serving suggestions.

What’s your favorite recipe for leftover Thanksgiving turkey? Let us know in the comments section below.


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