The Ultimate 4th of July Party: Beer Olympics

The Fourth of July is quickly approaching and if you’re anything like our team, you’ve already been putting some thought into the impending holiday. While the holiday marks a day of celebration for freedom and pride, it’s also one of the most highly anticipated days of the summer. If you’re already planning some form of friendly get together that involves adult beverages, why not throw a party everyone will remember for the rest of the summer? We’re talking Beer Olympics people. When planned right, this event can be a fun, outdoor event filled with beer, food and a little good competition among friends.

First things first, make sure you pick out the perfect games to keep everyone entertained throughout your party. Rely on a few staples to put the idea in motion. Beer pong, Flip cup, Ice Tray Skiing, Cornhole and Hillbilly golf are perfect for keeping everyone’s attention.

Beer Pong functions as the table tennis event in this Olympics. Line up a pyramid of 10 solo cups on each side of a long waist-high table in descending rows. Fill each cup with water and put a team of two on each side. Teams battle back and forth attempting to toss a ping pong ball into each of their opponents’ cups. When a cup is hit, it should be removed and players on the ‘hit’ side should take a drink. Once a team hits all of their opponents’ cups, they win.

Flip Cup is the ultimate drinking relay. Teams compete to have every member of the team finish their drink and flip their cup upside down first. Split into two teams and line up on opposite sides of a long table with their cup in front of them. Each team member should fill their cup with one ounce of beer prior to the start. The first member of each team begins on signal, drinking their beer, then attempts to flip their cup upside down on the table. The first team to have every team member complete this action wins.

Ice Tray Skiing takes the cake for the ultimate snow-inspired event. Teams fill an ice cube tray with a small amount of beer in each slot. On the start, competitors use a straw to drink the beer out of the tray, moving from each cube in a ‘ski-like’ motion. The first competitor to finish their tray wins.

Ladder golf may not be as hard as a par 5, but it packs its own punch. Two three rung plastic ladders are positioned about 20 feet across from each other. Players stand across from their teammate and take turns throwing three bolas, trying to be the first to reach 21 points. The top rung gives you one point, the middle rung two and the bottom rung three. This game doesn’t require definite drinking parameters, just good fun and casual drinking!

Cornhole may not be an Olympic sport yet, but it’s a perfect event for this summer party.  Teams of two compete to land beanbags on cornhole boards that are approximately 30 feet apart. Each beanbag on the board counts for one point, while each bag made in the hole cut into the board counts for three. First team to reach a score of 21 wins. This game just incorporates casual drinking while you play, but still brings out the competitive nature in everyone.

Now that you’ve got the games planned, it’s time to set up the rest of the details. Encourage your guests to dress for the occasion, utilizing USA themed costumes, t-shirts and other apparel. Award winners of each game with a cheap toy medal that they can proudly wear for the rest of the party. Fire up the grill and provide some American-style fare for the event. Consider designating a signature red, white and blue cocktail to enjoy in between games. Beer Olympics is the perfect way to throw an American themed 4th of July party. Just be sure that all participating members of the party are of drinking age and remind guests to drink responsibly!



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