Tips for Fantastic Holiday Festivities

When she’s not busy designing next year’s Christmas ornament collection, Chief Home Design and Branding Officer Theresa Strickland enjoys entertaining at home. In this blog post, Theresa shares how she and her family prepare for holiday festivities.

Gift WrapWrapping Paper Theme:

Every year in my house I pick out a wrapping paper theme for the whole family to follow. Everyone waits for the “grand unveiling” each year before they start their gift wrapping. They tease me about my wrapping paper coordination, but they love the way it looks under the mantel.

My favorite is a strong color theme with a mixture of solid and print wrapping paper that sits nicely together and makes an entire décor statement. Here is the recipe:

  1. Pick one color theme:  You do not have to be traditional….go purple or blue. Find both solids and prints in that color theme.
  2. Find ribbons that match your theme:  Don’t be afraid to use colored twine, yarn, rope or just traditional ribbon.

I make a style board for the family by taking a cutting of all of the wrapping paper and ribbon I’ve selected. I let everyone know that they can be as creative as they want within the style guide, but they must use my materials.

When everyone follows these guidelines, you get the most impactful decoration of beautifully wrapped packages that coordinate together and make for a stunning display under the tree.

Think Ahead:

On a related note, I ALWAYS keep a few extra small gifts around in case someone unexpected shows up for the holidays!!!! Although I try to get a final head count no later than one week out, I always plan for one or two surprises.

Getting an accurate head count is also necessary for a good meal plan. I begin thinking about a menu six weeks in advance so that I can have plenty of time to gather ingredients, create a cooking game plan, and keep myself from completely stressing out in the days leading up to the gathering.

How do you make your holiday festivities more beautiful and stress-free? Add your tips and tricks in the comments below!


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