Valentine’s Day Ideas for Singles

Valentine’s Day Ideas for Singles

No law says only couples can have fun on Valentine’s Day. With a little planning, the holiday can be enjoyed equally by singles. Consider the following ideas for what to do if you find yourself without a spouse or significant other this February 14th.

KITCHENWORTHY KitchenWorthy Electric Fondue SetThrow a singles party

Invite all of your single friends to a party at your place to celebrate singledom. Lay out a fondue feast, crank up your favorite dance music and toast a life unfettered by romantic entanglement.

Host an anti-romance movie marathon

Pop some popcorn and gather with your single friends to watch a bunch of comedies and thrillers that depict the darker side of love. Good picks include the 1965 Jack Lemmon classic How to Murder Your Wife and 1989’s The War of the Roses, which stars Michael Douglas, Kathleen Turner and Danny DeVito.

Visit your grandma

Have you been meaning to spend more time with your grandmother (or another older relative)? Seize this opportunity to take her out for dinner and a movie or spend time looking through old photo albums as she tells stories of her youth. Chances are, your date with granny will go down as one of your most treasured Valentine’s Day memories.

Pamper yourself

Book a massage and facial at a local spa. While relaxing and rejuvenating, revel in not being in any hurry to rush off to take care of other details before meeting up with a date. To maximize the indulgence without maxing out your credit card, set up a spa experience at home. Pour a glass of wine or make a pot of herbal tea, fill the tub for a bubble bath, climb in and relax. After getting out of the bath, give yourself a mani-pedi and treat yourself to your favorite chocolates.

Mason Cash Mason Cash Terracotta Bread Baking SetTry something new

Been wondering what a tae kwon do class would be like? Want to challenge yourself to bake homemade bread? Are you interested in making soap? Dedicate Valentine’s Day to expanding your horizons and doing something you always wanted to do.


Giving back doesn’t just help others; it also makes you feel good. Make your Valentine’s Day gift working a shift at the local food bank, registering clients at a nearby homeless shelter or visiting the children’s ward at the closest hospital and reading to bed-bound kids. Seeing the joy on the faces of those you serve can be better than receiving any jewelry, stuffed animal or article of clothing.


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