10 Best Electronics Must Haves

Woman-in-hammock-with-ereaderOne industry that’s booming like never before is home electronics. In the recent past you really only had a few new options for embracing your love of technology in the home. You could buy a big, bulky desktop computer for all of your word processing needs, for example, or a bulkier cathode-ray tube television set to watch all your favorite movies and television shows.

In just the last five years, new areas of technology have filled needs we didn’t even know we had. You might not have been aware of just how convenient it can be to carry every book you’ve ever read with you wherever you go on a device that can fit in a backpack, for example. Once you try something like an eBook reader, you’ll wonder how you ever got by without one. There are 10 specific types of electronic devices that absolutely no home is complete without. Here they are, in no particular order.

eBook readers

eBook readers allow you to read any book you want on the go. Electronic book readers actually look very similar to a traditional tablet computer. However, instead of playing movies and games and doing a wide variety of other functions like tablets can do, an eBook reader is wholly devoted to reading books very well. They’re also much cheaper than regular tablets and are a great, affordable alternative if all you’re looking for is a way to carry your George R. R. Martin collection around with you wherever you go.


A netbook computer is designed to be even smaller and more portable than a traditional laptop. They aren’t designed to be portable powerhouses. If you’re looking for something to play graphics intensive games on, you should look at a traditional laptop. But if you just want a device to carry around with you for basic word processing, e-mailing and Web browsing, a netbook computer is a great way to go. Devices like the iView Android Netbook are inexpensive, lightweight and can easily fit in the smallest of backpacks.

RokuHome media streaming devices

Home media streaming devices like the Roku 3 allow you to experience content in any room in your house using your home Wi-Fi network. If you’ve got a video or music collection stored on a computer hard drive, for example, you can experience that content on your HDTV thanks to a home media streaming device. They also allow you to browse services like YouTube, Netflix and HBO Go even when away from your computer.

Tablet computers

Tablet computers like Apple’s iPad are designed to take the computing experience into an all new level focused on being as mobile as possible. While tablets often lack built-in keyboards and aren’t as good as a laptop for document creation, their compact size and touch-screen interface makes them perfect for other activities. Tablets can play movies, music, games, surf online and more. While not a good content creation device – it’s a whole new way to experience the content you already have access to while on the go.

Samsung-blu-ray-playerBlu-ray players

If you’ve already got a high definition television at home and want to experience movies and TV shows the way they were meant to be seen, you need to buy a Blu-ray player as quickly as possible. Blu-ray is the only home video format capable of playing back images in crystal clear 1080p high definition. Even high definition cable television is subject to artifacts and other compression issues that can make an image look less than its best. Blu-ray discs suffer no such issues and are capable of accurately replicating the way a movie looked in a theater right in your home. Blu-ray discs have almost five times the picture resolution as regular DVDs.

Smart phones

Smart phones like Apple’s iPhone are the best way to always be connected to the world wherever you go. Smart phones are powered by apps, which lets you add only the functionality that you plan on using to your device. In addition to making and receiving calls, most smart phones can browse the Web, send and receive e-mails, play games, record videos, capture still images and more.

High definition television sets

A high definition television set is the absolute best way to experience the content you’ve loved and will continue to love for years to come. If someone has told you that you can barely see the difference between standard definition and high definition content, don’t believe them. HDTVs have dropped in price dramatically in recent years and you can get a good sized set for only a few hundred dollars. When you see the stunning clarity of high definition, you’ll immediately wonder how you ever got by with standard definition viewing in the past.

Sony-PlayStation-3Video game consoles

Video game consoles like Sony’s PlayStation 3 or Microsoft’s Xbox 360 have definitely evolved in recent years. Whereas video games used to be solely a way to pass the time and kill a few hours, modern day games have evolved into an art form all unto themselves.

Wireless routers

More and more mobile devices like tablets and eBook readers are using wireless computer networks for content distribution. If you want to download a new book onto your eBook reader, for example, you can hop on the Internet and do just that. You’ll only be able to access this content online, however, if you have a wireless network in your home. Once you plug your wireless router into your existing modem, a network will instantly be created that anyone who visits your home can use.

Global positioning systems

Global positioning systems have completely revolutionized the way we travel. With a standard GPS you can get turn-by-turn directions from anywhere to anywhere at a moment’s notice. In the not-too-distant past, you would have to use a series of maps or atlases to find out how to get someplace, especially if you had never visited your destination before. You might even have had to consult a travel agent or a service like AAA just for driving directions. Think of a global positioning system as the smartest co-pilot you could ever have. Regardless of where you’re trying to go, the GPS will get you there every time with no problems.


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