4 Great Basement Remodel Ideas

Home-theaterBasement renovations are complicated by the fact that the space is normally unfinished when the work begins. This means you must first answer a series of questions relating to the structural and health aspects of using the basement area as living space.

Once those questions are answered and the necessary preliminary work is done, you can begin dreaming of ways to use all this extra square footage below your home. Here are four great ideas to turn your basement into usable living space.

Jazz up the stairs

Typically the basement staircase installed in a home is merely functional (and boring). If you’re re-imagining the space, shouldn’t there be an awesome entry? Natural wood is a great choice here, for both the stairs and the railing. If there’s adequate space, consider adding a curve at the bottom for extra style points.

Install a home theater

This is perhaps the most popular basement renovation feature, and it’s easy to understand why. The basement area provides the space necessary to create the full home theater experience – a large flat screen television mounted in the center of one wall, with surround Bar-stoolsound or speakers positioned optimally alongside it and luxurious seating placed at the perfect distance in front.

Add a semi-circular bar with stools

This is old school but it’s a perennial favorite, and it perfectly complements the home theater – assuming there’s sufficient space for both. Be sure to choose a high quality bar and stools set – a dark wood finish is appealing and creates some of the ambience of a tavern.

Complete the look with wall sconce lighting

Because of the low ceilings found in many basements, lighting can be a challenge. Wall sconce lighting solves the problem beautifully. Copper sconces convey an old world aesthetic, while colors or patterns add playfulness or a touch of elegance.

Wall-sconceThere are many other decisions to be made about a basement renovation, including the flooring (which depends upon the use) and the possible creation of other rooms (in addition to utility space). The addition of a bedroom and a bathroom creates an ideal living space – featuring privacy without complete separation – for a young adult home from college or a teenager who needs to stretch his or her wings.

Of course, everything comes with a price tag, but even a full basement renovation is less expensive than the expansion of your home in any other direction.

-John Dunnery


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