5 Alphaline Items Dads Secretly Want for Father’s Day

Buying a gift for Father’s Day can be a hit or miss affair if you’re not careful. Father’s Day is a great opportunity to show your dad how much you really care, but doing that successfully can sometimes be easier said than done. It’s easier if you understand the things the father in your life will both legitimately enjoy and be able to use long after the holiday has come and gone.

If you’re feeling a little overwhelmed trying to think of a great Father’s Day gift and want something that’s sure to be a home run with dad, here are a few great items that will make him truly happy this Father’s Day.

Alphaline-TV-wall-mountTV Wall Mount

The Alphaline Full Motion Wall Mount is perfectly designed to fit what is doubtlessly your father’s prized possession – the big screen high definition television set. A full motion arm attaches to a mounting bracket that then attaches to a wall in your home. Two vertical bars are designed to hold the television safely in place, making sure it won’t come crashing down off the wall. The main goal of the mount is to allow you to swivel your TV to point it in different directions – so you’ll never miss a thing no matter where you are in the room.

The mount itself blends in with the color of your TV so you’ll barely see it when the television isn’t in use. Dads will love it because they’ll be able to move effortlessly throughout even the largest of rooms and still catch every second of that action movie or sports game they’ve been enjoying. The wall mounts are available in small, medium and large sizes depending to fit the size of the TV you plan on attaching it to.

Alphaline-headphonesStereo Headphones

The Alphaline Over-the-ear Stereo Headphones make the perfect gift for that father who also happens to be a serious music lover. The headphones feature closed-type ear cushions that are designed to comfortably hug the ear during use. Not only do the cushions make them comfortable to wear for hours at a time, but they also offer deep, rich bass levels and maximum exterior noise reduction. Your father will be able to pop on that classic rock album, throw on the stereo headphones and pretend like he’s in high school again. In addition to comfort, the Alphaline stereo headphones are also known for their superb acoustic sound performance.

Alphaline-earphones-with-microphoneEarphone with Microphone

If your dad loves music but would like something a bit more portable than the over-the-ear headphones, the Alphaline Metal Earphones with Microphone will make the absolute perfect gift. The headphones themselves are designed to look as cool as possible while offering a noise-isolating design that you can’t find anywhere else. The headphones are specifically tuned for things like powerful bass which help your dad go from a passive listening music experience to feeling like he’s actually in the room with the band. He can take the earphones to work, to the gym and everywhere in between and still get the same, rich sonic experience.

Alphaline-bluetooth-speakerBluetooth Speaker

The Alphaline Bluetooth Speaker makes a really great gift for a variety of reasons. For starters, your father can instantly beam his favorite songs from his iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad over to the speaker without using any wires or attachments. The sounds will come from the rich, deep built-in Bluetooth speakers as opposed to the tiny speaker built into his Apple device.

He can instantly switch from a pair of headphones to the Bluetooth speaker in just a couple of seconds right from the main menu on his iOS device. Additionally, the Bluetooth speakers have a practical purpose. He can actually hear all types of audio from his iPhone or iPad via the speakers – including the audio from a telephone call, Hollywood movie or an episode of his favorite show that he’s trying to get caught up on.

Alphaline-docking-stationiPod/iPhone/iPad Dock

The Alphaline iPod/iPhone/iPad Dock is a must-have for any father who loves his Apple iOS device. For starters, the dock acts as a 2.1 stereo speaker system with an integrated subwoofer. When his device is plugged into the dock, he can listen to all his favorite songs and even hear the powerful explosions from his favorite movies using the attached speaker system. The dock also acts as a charger. As long as your iPod Touch, iPhone or iPad is plugged into the system, the battery will be charging; and you can still continue to use the device while it’s plugged in and charging. Make no mistake: your iOS-loving father won’t be able to leave home without his Alphaline iPod/iPhone/iPad dock again.


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