5 Must-have Computer Accessories

5 Must-have Computer Accessories

Every computer needs the basics: hard drive, monitor, memory, and motherboard. If you want to build a great working computer, media server and gaming machine, you need a few accessories to make a computer great for every purpose.
Here are 5 computer accessories to make your computer faster, more fun to use, and add extra functionality to your personal computer.

speakersSurround sound speakers

You can buy normal speakers for cheap, but surround sound speakers add quite a bit of sound quality to your average computer. Even some monitors include speakers on them, but the sound quality is not great. Surround sound includes better base, a subwoofer, and 5-point speakers that sit in front and in back of your chair.
The surround sound you get for a computer is just like surround sound for a television. If you play movies or play games on your computer, surround sound makes your system more enjoyable.

Dual monitors

Once you install two monitors on your computer, you won’t ever want to use a single monitor again. Dual monitors improve your productivity and make it easier to research. If you span your desktop over two monitors, you can have a much larger workspace or even a better gaming area on one computer. You’ll need to check your computer’s video card to make sure it supports two monitors. Look at the back of the computer monitor where the current monitor is plugged in. If you see another connection, your video card supports dual monitors.

USB Wi-Fi network adaptor

USB makes attaching computer components simple. Your computer should come with several USB connections. You can use one of these connections as a network card adaptor. You can also buy internal network cards, but a USB network adaptor has an advantage. First, this adaptor can be removed and placed into another desktop easily. Just remove the adaptor and place it into another USB port. Second, you can use the USB network adaptor for travel. If your laptop has a broken adaptor, a USB network card is a great backup.

controllerGaming controller

If you’re a gamer, a controller makes gaming much easier. Instead of struggling with a keyboard and a mouse, a gaming controller lets you interface with the computer similar to how you interface with a gaming console. A gaming controller can attach to your USB port, or it can be a wireless device added to your system. These controllers are affordable and only cost about $25.

Portable drive

Portable drives come in several sizes, but regardless of the size, these accessories are great for extended storage options. Portable drives let you store data and move it from computer to computer. It also lets you transfer data from one location to another, which includes applications you want to install on a remote machine. Some people use portable drives as a backup solution for personal files.
With technology introducing so many options, you can add several accessories to your existing machine. Computer accessories can make a regular, boring machine into something so much more fun and useful. Spend a little extra on accessories and you can turn your computer into a media and gaming powerhouse.


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  1. To go over the top, NetGear 3700 dual wifi 300+300 NAS100 3.0 port everything in your house is wired or should I say wiredless.


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