5 Ways to Accessorize Your Kitchen

kitchen accessoriesHousing your refrigerator and other large appliances leaves little space in your kitchen for decorative furniture. It is, however, easy to add accessories that give your otherwise boring kitchen character and beauty. Here are five ways to flex your interior decorating muscles in ways that liven up a room that too often looks just like everybody else’s and is relegated to mere functionality.

Put up wall art

Get adventurous when buying or creating pictures and designs of varying sizes to cover bare walls. Wall art can take a variety of forms. Wine corks can be arranged and mounted in all kinds of ways. Oversized utensils can be hung from picture hooks, as can collector plates or vintage oven burner grates. You can make a ton of art with painted or fabric-covered plastic spoons, forks and knives. Even decals shaped like utensils, pots or letters can dress up your kitchen in fun ways.

Pick pretty and productive plants

herb gardenThe kitchen is perfect to put a small herb garden. Rosemary, cilantro, basil and sage can be grown in individual pots or combined in one big pot. Similarly, potted flowers will thrive and stay beautiful for a long time on a kitchen window sill. To spread greenery throughout the room, freshly cut flowers can be placed in vases in strategic locations, and ivies can be encouraged to spread around window frames.

Remember a memo board

Hanging a chalkboard, erasable whiteboard or old-fashioned cork bulletin board in a highly visible place is functional and decorative. When designating a place to post the week’s menu or messages for family members, you can even skip the physical board all together and cover a portion of one wall with chalkboard paint.

Use mirrors to best effect

Mirrors can make any room brighter and bigger-looking by reflecting natural light and deepening a viewer’s perspective. This is a great benefit because kitchens often have many windows. Even in kitchens that get little sunlight, mirrors can brighten the space by increasing the effectiveness of lightbulbs.

Hang pots and pans

pot rackGetting pots and pans to fit in and come out of drawers and cupboards can be difficult. An easier, and potentially more convenient, way to store your cooking items is to hang them from a pot rack. Many styles of racks are available to keep your kitchen from looking cluttered. Some are large and hang from the ceiling. Others can be installed out of sight in a cabinet. For a do-it-yourself version, use a pegboard and spray-paint it to match your other decor.


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