7 Easy Ways to Get the Cleanest Kitchen Around

1. Wash the dishes. If you have a dishwasher, throw your dirty dishes in and start it before you start cleaning. You can work on other jobs as the cycle runs and unload dishes when it finishes. Don’t forget to clean out the garbage disposal before you begin the cycle.

2. Commit to cutting down on clutter. Consider keeping plastic container lids separate from containers. This allows for easy stacking and quick assembly later.

3. Polish your appliances. Sometimes small kitchen appliances get forgotten in a cleaning wave – so don’t pass over your microwave. One easy way to get your microwave oven clean is to steam it before wiping it down. Start by heating water for 3-4 minutes and letting it sit inside your microwave. While you’re waiting for the water to steam, take a napkin and wipe out your oven. It’s easy to let crumbs build up but this an easy job that can make a big difference in your kitchen. Once the microwave is steamed, you can simply wipe away all the built up grime.

4. Clean up your refrigerator. To get your kitchen clean inside and out, be sure that your refrigerator is tidy. Wipe down shelves as you sort through stored food. Throw out anything old to banish odor and then clean containers before you place them back in your fridge.

5. Sweep your floors. This one is easy. It doesn’t take long and will make a big difference. Start with a regular broom or electrostatic mop to get all the surface grit – and if you’re feeling really dedicated, break out that wet mop too.

6. Focus on your surfaces. Clean your counters and surfaces with a mix of baking soda and water. The combo is a great cleanser and is safe for most counter tops, ovens, refrigerators, cabinets and more.

7. Organize your appliances. Your last step is to take at look at what’s left out on your counter tops. Are there small kitchen appliances that can be stored in cabinets? Try rearranging your pots and pans to fit in that bulky food processor, blender or juicer. If you’re shopping for new kitchen appliances, keep in mind that you want to clear space for your new purchases.

Now that your kitchen is spotless, you can have fun shopping for new kitchen gadgets. Check out some of the most popular items like blenders, coffee makers, juicers, microwaves, and more.


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  1. I found your tips very helpful thank you so much.

  2. I really found your kitchen cleaning tips very helpful thank you so much.


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