8 Ways to Increase Your Home’s Security

8 Ways to Increase Your Home’s Security

Most of us are concerned about our home’s security, but many of us have no idea how to make our home more secure. We all lock their doors and windows and remain watchful – at least we should – but there’s so much more you can do to secure your home.
The fact is, we can all take extra steps to increase our home’s security. Follow these 8 tips and your home will immediately be much more safe and secure.

Use multiple types of security

Don’t rely on just one system or security measure to keep your house safe day and night. Too many of us think there’s a single magic bullet solution, but the reality is that different types of measures will protect best against different kinds of dangers.

Have a home security system installed

Try to buy the most extensive and sophisticated system you can reasonably afford. If you have a system, use it. Turn it on every night without fail. It’s also a smart idea to ask your system provider for a yard sign and window stickers, so you can advertise the fact that your home is being professionally monitored.

Consider buying a dog

Dogs make great companions, plus they tend to ward off intruders with their mere presence. A dog can make quite a bit of noise, alerting you that someone is outside as well as drawing attention from neighbors. The threat of being bitten or attacked by a dog will prevent most criminals from taking the chance of entering a house with a dog inside.

Trim vegetation around your house

Criminals love to work under cover, and an overgrown yard gives them just that. Trim large shrubs, bushes and trees that are up against or near your home. If you can hide behind any vegetation around your home, so can criminals.

outdoor lightsLeave a light on

Darkness is a favorite cover for criminals, so anything you can do to light the area around your home will help. With the popularity of CFL light bulbs, it’s not very expensive to leave your porch light on at night – or even overnight.
You can also buy solar lights to place around your yard, further increasing the light around your home. Motion sensor lights are also a great idea, and they can save you money because they only turn on when a presence is detected on your property.

Use security film

Just like car break-ins, many home invasions involve a smash and grab maneuver. Windows near or in doors, as well as basement windows, are popular targets for criminals trying to gain entrance. Buy clear security film that you can apply to the glass. The film reinforces the glass and makes it difficult if not impossible to break the window.

doorsUse heavy doors

The exterior doors on your house should be substantial, otherwise they can be broken down easily. Doors are the most common point of entry for a criminal. Solid wood doors or doors that have reinforced aluminum cores make it much harder for thieves to break in. You can also buy kits that reinforce the doorjamb and hinges so they can withstand heavy blows.

Set up a neighborhood watch

Organized neighborhood watch programs help neighbors watch out for each other. You can’t always be around, but one of your neighbors might notice strange activity at your house while you’re away.


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  1. I would recommend follow all the step as depicted. For more security try using Motion sensor security lighting. If that is not possible then go for a complete home security solution. Security is all about safety.


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