A Guy’s Guide to Choosing the Perfect Engagement Ring

A Guy’s Guide to Choosing the Perfect Engagement Ring

Few decisions you make in your life are more significant than proposing to your girlfriend. Getting married changes your life, and hers. Choosing an engagement ring that fits her hand and serves as a lifelong symbol of your love and dedication is an important step toward making sure those changes are for the better.
If you’re like most men, you might lack an understanding of ring design and gem quality, however. If you expect to pop the question to your girlfriend sometime soon, take a few minutes to educate yourself about what to look for when standing at the counter and trying to pick the perfect ring to offer her on bended knee.

Sterlings Silver Cushion Blue Topaz Birthstone Ring Get her ring size

The first step in selecting the perfect engagement ring can be the most difficult if you want your proposal to come as a surprise. Even if marriage has long been in the plans, just asking your girlfriend to tell you her ring size is a nonstarter for a romantic proposal.
You’ll have to be sneaky when determining your girlfriend’s ring size. If she already wears other rings, wait until she takes one off so you can check the size with a ring sizer printed off the Internet. Measure several times to make sure you get the correct size.
If your girlfriend doesn’t currently wear rings, ask her family members and friends. Her parents, in particular, may know her ring size because they’re likely to have bought jewelry for her in the past. If no one can swear to your girlfriend’s ring size, you may have to resort to looping a string around her finger when she’s asleep.

Tradition Diamond 1/2 Cttw. Princess Cut 10K White Gold Diamond 3-Stone Engagement RingChoose quality over size

Gem and band quality are much more important than size when it comes to engagement rings. A diamond or other stone certified to be of high quality will shine brighter and look better than a bigger, substandard gem.
Chances are, you’re not much of a jewelry expert, so do your research and shop around carefully. If your girlfriend loves jewelry, look at what she already owns to get a sense for her taste.
Don’t allow jewelry counter staff to influence your decision too much, and don’t rely solely on educated guesses about what your girlfriend likes. Ask one of her closest friends, who you know can keep a secret, to go ring shopping with you. Having someone who knows your girlfriend well offer in-store advice can make choosing the perfect engagement ring a lot easier.

Trust your instincts

You made it to the threshold of a proposal by reading and responding appropriately to subtle relationship and romance cues from your girlfriend. Continue trusting those instincts while shopping for her engagement ring. As valuable as input from others is, the final purchasing decision rests on you.
If you paid attention to your girlfriend’s reactions while seeing her friends’ rings, watching television ads or window-shopping at jewelry stores, you should be able to find an engagement ring she’ll treasure for the rest of her life.


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