Go Back to School in Style

Summer is about to end and another school year is about to begin. But while your kids’ minds are as far from textbooks and homework as can possibly be, you already have “Back To School” shopping on the brain.

With a new schoolyear approaching, growing kids and, more importantly, changing trends, it’s time start preparing to shop for new school clothes. MySears and Sears.com have the latest styles for boys and girls. Here are some suggestions for up-to-date style:

Young Men’s Graphic Tees

Always popular, graphic t-shirts are the perfect blend of cool and casual.



Levi’s Girls 7-16 Slim Straight Jeans

Every girl needs a good pair of jeans, something Levi’s has been doing well for decades.

Girls Jeans


Converse Youth Chuck Taylor All Star Shoes

Boy or girl, these shoes are the perfect kicks to kick off the school year.

Converse Shoes

FUL Superstition Backpack

Learning is hard work, even physically. Get them a backpack that supports the weight and lasts for years.



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