Back To School Means An Organized Kitchen

Foodsaver2Lots of us are going back to school – kids from pre-school through college, adults taking trade or college courses and, of course, teachers! Having put three children through one school after another as they grew, it certainly feels like not only the students, but our homes need to be prepared and ready for the coming school year as well. And that includes the kitchen being ready too! Here are tips to making the "morning routine" as I call it in my home, run smoothly:

Food Savers: I took a look at the “Vacuum Sealers” on our Sears website and found, um, 200 products! It’s extremely useful to have several types of food storage methods, from containers, to food “sealers” to specialty bags on hand to keep our foods that we will take with us to school or work, healthy and fresh. Whether you pack a sandwich and fruit or a microwavable meal, having the right receptacle handy saves precious time.

I would recommend storing lunch/take-away receptacles, bags, and such in one designated spot in the kitchen. It may make sense to group these types of items with paper plates and cups as well, so that the storage for “casual dining receptacles” is all in one spot and easily located. Paper and plastic bags, plastic utensils or stainless utensils used just for take-away purposes, even easily foldable satchels for carrying, can be placed here. Don’t forget the napkins!

Foodsaver Before the start of school and fall activities, is a great time to clean out the refrigerator. Keep commonly used food products for sandwiches such as mayonnaise, mustard, jelly and so on, on one shelf, easy to access. Likewise, the leftovers from dinner which may be taken the next day (meatloaf sandwich anyone?) can have their own designated home in a particular spot in the refrigerator as well.

The same planning goes for morning and evening meals. Are we not always in a rush in the morning? Take a fresh look at how and where your morning foods are stored. Keep all cereals together, keep fruits easily in sight and refreshed, whether in the fruit bowl or in the refrigerator for a quick, healthy, part of a meal, maybe a smoothie! Rethink what you need to make sure everyone gets that first important meal of the day.

GrillpanDinner – I know this scenario all too well. We’re tired, not to mention hungry! Having organized, again, easily accessible, cookware, is one big secret to making the cooking process flow. I am a believer in the crockpot from way back and I’m all over a grill pan every week – perfect for my favorite chicken/feta/spinach burgers. The microwave for fresh sweet potatoes? Always. I’m a fan of convenience.

Access to fresh foods and kitchen items quickly, are the ingredients which keep stress low and the preparation of food a little deal instead of a big deal.

Happy “back to school organizing!”

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