Best Pest Control for Bug-free Outdoor Entertaining

You can keep your patio, deck and backyard bug-free using a variety of different bug-control colutions for outdoor entertaining. Pest control doesn’t have to involve stinky chemicals that overpower the delectable aromas from your grilled foods or beautiful flowers. Some of the best pest-control options for a bug-free gathering include attractive candles, stylish lighting and lush plants.

Tiki-torchesCitronella lamps

According to the National Pesticide Information Center, oil of citronella is a naturally occurring insect and animal repellent distilled from two varieties of grass. The EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) lists citronella as a minimum-risk pesticide. Attractive citronella lamps add style to your outdoor living space while reducing the presence of mosquitoes. Citronella torches and other decorative outdoor lamps burn oil of citronella to keep away mosquitoes. There are several styles of torches to match your outdoor décor as well as citronella torch fuel for keeping the bugs away all season.

Garden-Oasis-black-lanternCitronella candles

Adding a few decorative candles to your outdoor tables provides a gentle, warm glow of light, and when the candles contain citronella, they keep the mosquitoes at bay. Choose from any number of stylish citronella candles with decorative bases in a wide range of sizes and styles. Other styles of citronella candles range from candles encased in a small tin bucket to tea lights, votives and pillar-style citronella candles. Place a thick pillar citronella candle inside the Garden Oasis 24-inch black lantern for a unique look. The lantern can be placed on a patio table or hung from a shepherd’s hook.

Insect zappers

Insect zappers use electricity to kill mosquitoes and other backyard pests. A fluorescent light attracts insects to the device where a transformer electrifies the unit’s wire meshing, killing the insect. Some bug zappers may use other attractants instead of fluorescent light, such as carbon dioxide and Octenol, a type of pheromone. These bug killers range in size, design style and price.


Several attractive perennial plants contain natural oils that keep mosquitoes and other insects away. Lemongrass is a fragrant ornamental grass that contains citronella. It requires full sun and a well-drained soil to thrive and can be grown in a border or as a container plant. It’s also harvestable and often used as an herb in some Asian-style recipes. It has a lemon flavor. Consider growing lemongrass in a few decorative planters, placed around the edges of your deck or patio, as a deterrent to mosquitoes.

The Square 24-inch Lighted Planter adds to any outdoor living space decor. Plant your lemongrass inside this planter, which lights up with a color-changing LED light. It comes with a remote control to make it easy to turn the planter’s light on while sitting outside after dinner.

Other plants that repel mosquitoes include rosemary and catnip. Brightly colored marigolds are also disliked by many flying insects such as gnats and whiteflies. Aromatic lavender repels fleas, and chrysanthemums repel ticks, fleas and even bedbugs.


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  1. We have had so much rain in NC and feel like it's attributing to even more mosquitoes around our home! We have had a ton of standing water this summer. It's been really challenging to get outside. These are great tips, and timely for my household!


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