Best Sears Refrigerators

You know that old joke. Is your refrigerator running? Yes? Then you better go catch it! But missing amidst the hilarity is what if the person says no? A little known but very accurate fact is that when they say no, the appropriate response is, “Well, then you better run to Sears.” Sears knows refrigerators and that’s no joke. Check out the MySears top picks for the best refrigerator for you.

MySears Side-by-Side Refrigerator Pick

Kenmore 26.5 cu. Ft. Side-by-Side Refrigerator

Sure the frills are nice, but what you really need out of a refrigerator is reliability and this Kenmore has reliability by the ton. But just because it has everything you need, that doesn’t mean it doesn’t have everything you want. With a water filtration system and Multi Air Flow cooling system, glass shelves and gallon-sized storage bins, this fridge is perfect for any family, and the environment with its Energy Star qualifications.

MySears French Door Refrigerator Pick

Samsung 28 Cu. Ft Refrigerator with Counter Height Freezer Drawer

You want French Door? Go with the best. This Samsung has it all: looks, reliability, power. One of the best reviewed refrigerators on the market, this stainless steel cooling marvel has the largest capacity of its kind. The Energy Star rating is also a nice touch and the warranty can’t be beat.

MySears Freezerless Refrigerator Pick

Kenmore 16.7 cu. Ft. Freezerless Refrigerator

Don’t like the deep freeze? Don’t need it? Don’t get it. Instead get this Kenmore. After all, you’re looking for what you need. And with this fridge what you get is: capacity for 585 lbs. of fresh food and drinks, optimal fresh food protection and supreme flexibility when it comes to shelving.


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