Boost Your Selling Price with Home Staging

Boost Your Selling Price with Home StagingIf you’re getting ready to put your house on the market, following some essential strategies for home staging can help you sell for a higher price, and often in a shorter timeframe. Applying home staging principles increases your house’s appeal to buyers while detracting from its flaws. Completing a good, basic home staging that can give you an edge over your competition in the home selling market should take just one weekend.


Start making your house more attractive to buyers by removing everything you have sitting out that does not need to be there. These items include stacks of books, mail, magazines and newspapers that cover tables and counters throughout your home. Similarly, stray video game boxes, remotes and DVDs lying around entertainment centers need to be stacked and filed. Clear off kitchen and bathroom counters crowded with unnecessary items. Last, empty and organize closets overrun with shoes and clothing. Put as many items as possible out of sight. You want to show off spacious counters and closets, and you do not want potential buyers to get distracted by your clipped coupons and unpaid bills.

Remove excess furniture

Create space and flow through each room by removing any pieces of furniture that make spaces feel crowded. In addition, remove any furniture that is too large for its current space or that makes the floor plan awkward.

Clean everythingcleaning

Once you have decluttered your countertops, organized your storage spaces and thinned out your furniture, do a thorough cleaning. Every room needs to sparkle.
Remove very personal and taste-specific items
Go through your home and take an objective look at your decor while thinking about how to create a setting in which a potential buyer can imagine living. Such a setting has to be somewhat neutral, which means not very personal. Put away religious items, for instance, because those can throw up mental obstacles for buyers who might connect with the house but not the decors. Think about what you might see in a popular home decorating catalog, then remove anything that would not appear in the catalog.

Let the sun shine inbrighter bulbs

Trim hedges or trees away from windows, then leave curtains and blinds open to increase the amount of natural sunlight inside your home. Put brighter bulbs in lamps and overhead light fixtures. Weather permitting, open the windows themselves.

Pass the sniff test

Check for pet odors, diaper odors and musty smells. Target the sources of off-putting smells, and air out everything. You may need to bring in someone from outside your household to help you with this. We all get used to the odors we live with every day and may not be able to detect them.

Add charm

Add fresh flowers to living rooms and dining rooms. Put a bowl of fresh fruit in the kitchen. Add scented candles to bathrooms. Put a cozy throw over an arm chair. Update the look of your home with some new throw pillows if you think you need a little more pizazz; these items are great for adding color and cheer to your house.


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