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Finding the best home printer to fit your lifestyle and budget is not as difficult as it was a decade ago. Home printers have evolved, and with their varied features, you can find the best printer for your needs. offers various types of printers ranging from laser and inkjet models to the multi-tasking all-in-one printer.

Laser printers

The first desktop laser printer — a HP LaserJet retailing for about $3,500 — hit the market in 1984. It had a print speed of about eight pages per minute (ppm). The HP LaserJet P2015DN, available at, retails for less than $200 and prints up to 27 pages per minute. Laser printers offer fast print speeds in both black and color inks while producing crisp images. If you need to do a lot of printing daily, this may be the printer for you.

Note: Print speed also may be listed as ipm or images per minute.

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MySears Community’s Recommendation: 

HP LaserJet P2015DN



Inkjet printers

The inkjet printer typically works well for home use or a small business that requires light printing duties. It doesn’t print pages as fast as a laser printer does, but for students printing homework, a home business printing weekly invoices or other small jobs, the Inkjet is a solid choice.

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MySears Community’s Recommendation: 

HP  D5510 AIO Wireless Inkjet Printer



All-in-one and multi function printers

An all-in-one and multi-function printer offers more than just printing. These printers copy, scan and even fax. Because the all-in-one/multi-function printer combines several functions, it can be ideal for your home office or small business. offers several all-in-one printers from HP, Lexmark, Canon, Brother, Epson and more.

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MySears Community’s Recommendation: 

Kodak  ESP C315 All-in-One Printer  ENERGY STAR®



Photo printer

If you plan only to print photos, opt for a photo printer that allows you to print directly from your digital camera. Often photo printers are compact, only printing photo-sized prints instead of standard sheets of paper. Consider the Canon SELPHY CP900 Compact Color photo printer from


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          MySears Community’s Recommendation: 

          Canon SELPHY CP900 Compact Color photo printer



Features to consider

Modern printer features you may enjoy or find essential for your printing needs include wireless network capabilities, a memory card slot for transferring photos, LCD viewing screen for photo preview and interactive touch panels.


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  2. Very disappointed in this simplistic entry. I was hoping for some actual advice from someone that sounded like they knew more about printers than I.


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