Design your dorm room using Sears Campus Connector

by Tanya Tetserawati, SLP Intern

I’ll admit it.  I spend way too much time on Facebook.  I don’t keep track, but if I had to give an honest estimate of the hours I spend on Facebook every day, it would be between 4 and 5.  Even when I’m just in my room and not actually on my computer, I’ll keep my Facebook page up.

Facebook is forever changing and expanding its services.  It started off with a few simple features, but has now evolved into a website that offers it all.  I’m always finding new games and applications that spark my interest.

The latest of these is the Campus Connector on the Sears Campus Connection Facebook page.  With this application, I could be sitting in Starbucks on my laptop while designing my room for next year.  The Campus Connector allows you to shop through a lot of really cool furnishings and decorations for your dorm room.  After you’ve checked out what items you’re interested in, you can drag them into your own virtual dorm room and get the basic feel of what you want your room to look like.  Here are some of the things I would put in my ideal dorm room…


After you have designed your room, you can share it with friends and family.  You could show it to your future roommate and see what they think or show it to your parents so they know what to buy.  The application gives you the option to buy any of the items online.  By clicking the “Buy Now” button next to an item, it will link you directly to the Sears website.

In addition to interactive room design and shopping experiences, I also really liked how aesthetic and user-friendly the application was.  In just a few minutes I was able to find all the dorm room essentials I was interested in and lay them out in a virtual room.  I would definitely recommend the Campus Connector app to any incoming freshman and his or her parents during the back-to-school shopping season.


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