Change Your Kitchen With The Seasons – See How!

Colorful accents for the kitchenThe change of seasons (yay it’s spring!) is a great time to take a look at the decorative layer of your kitchen. Think of the decorative layer in the kitchen (art, collections, pictures, fabrics, etc.) as being separate from the permanence of appliances, countertops and cabinetry and (the fun part) it’s easy to change.

Change is good – it gives us a fresh new look and a renewed interest in our surroundings. Here are some easy ideas to mix the kitchen up a bit, decoratively.

Spring/Summer flooring – Look for a “summer rug” that is colorful to brighten up the otherwise neutral floors. I particularly like rag rugs for easy care.

Change the artwork – Do you have prints or paintings in the kitchen or breakfast area? Replace these with interesting new groupings or create a design of dishes on the wall for a fresh perspective and a different dimension.

Display kitchen serving piecesClean out the clutter – Collections can grow (and grow.) Take a good look at your collection to see if too many items are grouped together, particularly if they are small in scale. I do love a charming look of similar collectibles in a group, but take an objective look at the scale and proportion of the items. Sometimes less is more.

Think in color - Color in kitchen accessories, whether in useful items or in collections, can make a fantastic, cheerful, statement and can change the entire style of the kitchen. Splashes of color can convey a contemporary (or retro) feel; calm, soothing pastels can add a touch of elegance and simplicity, especially if the light tones carry through within cabinetry and countertops.

Group in numbers – It’s true that displayed items look great in threes. Odd numbers often create interest for the eye. Everyone has some decorative bowls, mugs, and dishes to display in small groups. Rather than storing good looking dinnerware, cookware or serveware pieces in your cabinetry, take these lovely pieces out of hiding.

Glass door inspiration – Do you have glass doors in your kitchen cabinetry? One thing I’ve done, without looking back, is to paint the inside of my glass door cabinets. I painted a raspberry color on the inside of my cabinetry, in a sort of faux motif. Tie in the color of the paint to other decorative objects around the kitchen.

Refresh the look of your kitchen. You will be newly inspired to cook fabulous meals surrounded by a whole new environment – I guarantee it!

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