Consolidate Clutter – Home Gadgets that Save Serious Space

1. Under the cabinet coffee makers. These handy appliances attach directly to your cabinets, freeing up your counter space. A coffee maker is one of those appliances that always seems to get in the way. Mounted above your counters, it’s a simple space solution.
2. Dual coffee grinder/coffee maker. If you’re tired of having to drag your coffee grinder out every time you go to make a cup of joe, shop for a dual coffee maker/coffee grinder. It’s one less appliance to have in your kitchen and it’ll save you a hassle.
3. Blender/food processor. Blenders and food processors do the same thing, right? Mix up stuff? So why not shop for a combo? This little device is another great way to free up space in your home.
4. Toaster ovens. For simple chefs and easy eaters, toaster ovens can do double duty as an oven and a toaster ( and take up a fraction of the space!).
5. Dual washer/dryers. Appliances like washers and dryers are big and bulky. There’s no getting around that. But with stackable washer and dryer packages, your appliances stay compact. A bonus is most front loading stackable washers are super energy efficient too!
6. Built in cooktops. Okay, so maybe this appliance doesn’t really save you a lot of space, but with their easy to clean, streamlined look, it will certainly make your kitchen feel more sleek and organized.
7. Heat blocking windows. How will heat blocking windows save you space? Just think about all the fans you don’t have to buy if the rooms in your house stay nice and cool.
8. Car seat/stroller combo. If you have a little one in your life, you probably have clutter everywhere you look. Consider shopping for a dual car seat/stroller to make some moments in your life simple.


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  1. Using a toaster oven instead of a toaster may save space, but for toasting bread it uses more power.

  2. I bought a model 48039 30" electric Kenmore wall over last night and my husband wants to install himself. Where can I view or download the installation instructions for buidling the frame? The oven is not being delivered until April 23 so we want to have the wall ready for installation upon delivery.

    1. In response to Koda298

      When did you actually get your oven?


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