Cooktop Installation Tips

Installing a new cooktop is relatively easy. When deciding between a gas cooktop and an electric cooktop, make sure there are hook ups in the area you want to put it or hire someone to install one. For this project you will need a tape measure, level, drill, flexible gas line and the hardware kit that comes with the cooktop.

Let’s get started:

1) Turn the electricity and gas off at their main source.

2) Measure twice, cut once. When you decide where to put your new cooktop, you need to cut a hole out in the counter for it (unless you are replacing an older cooktop), so double check the dimensions and follow the directions that came with it.

3) Insert the cooktop into the hole. Secure it with the brackets and screws that came in the supply kit.

4) Using your level, make sure the cooktop is straight. You can use the leveling screws at the back of the unit to adjust until it is plumb.

5) Connect the electric and/or the gas lines to the cooktop.

6) Install the burners and dials in their respective spots.

7) Turn the electricity and gas back on.

8) For gas cooktops, check for any leaks around the connections by making a soapy water mix and applying it to the joints. If bubbles form, then you know there is a leak. Adjust the tightness of the joints until the leak is gone.

9) Test all of the burners and dials at low, medium and high to ensure they are working properly.


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  1. where do I install the outlet for the cooktop? What height below countertop?

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