Design Tips for a Warm & Cozy Winter Home

Oh it is soooo cold in parts of the country.  I live in both San Francisco and Chicago, but believe it or not I am colder in San Francisco because it is so damp.  While Chicago is cold, it is also dry. Regardless of which city I’m staying in, however, I need “home sweet home” to feel cozy and warm. In this article, I share a few of my tricks.  It’s nice to be minimal in the summer, but in the cold months of January and February the key is to layer, layer, layer!!!

With that said, now is the time to bring out additional rugs in the bedroom and living rooms. Add extra pillows to the couches or beds. Then – my all time favorite – layer down comforters at the bottom of every bed in the house.

RugRugs add color and warmth

I am a rug pusher.  I just can’t resist them.  I will roll up a rug in the summer and put it back out in the winter.  They really do not take much storage space as they can stand vertically in the corner of your garage.  You can simply wrap each one in a big trash bag to protect it from dirt and dust.  Then when I unpack them, I always sprinkle a little Febreeze powder on top to give that fresh, clean smell.

Best of all, rugs are not expensive to add and collect as far as  home furnishings go.  A 4′x6′ rug can be purchased at Sears for $79.99-$99.99.  What a deal! Plus, it’s a wonderful way to add new and fresh colors to your house on those dreary winter days.

TIP:  Don’t be afraid to put a throw rug on top of carpet.  It works and looks warm and cozy.

Throw PillowsMix and match pillows to create interest

Pillows are an easy add or adjustment.  You can re-cover a pillow or purchase new pillows in seasonal colors for as little as $7.99.  Winter is when you go heavy on the pillows.  Don’t be afraid to mix match sizes and shapes.

Personally, I am not an angle pillow placer.  I like pillows facing straight out against the backdrop of my sofas.  It creates more interest and dimension, in my opinion. Also, move pillows around in the house every now and then.  Your decorative bed pillows may give your family room a new look and visa versa in the bedroom.

ThrowsGet our your throws and decorate

Open up the linen closet and bring out all of the throws that you have sitting around.  They make for interesting colors and decoration in all rooms of the house.

I love to stack throws on top of ottomans and in baskets around my family room and even in the bedrooms.  Nothing is better than watching a movie with the family, and having a throw for each family member.

BasketsBaskets for storing the extras

can be a wonderful storage unit for both pillows and throws.  They add decoration and storage without sticking out the way plastic totes would.  You can place them anywhere in the room, and your baskets do not have to match.  I like the look of many different natural fibers together.  Alternatively, if you don’t like baskets, use a bronze or metal bucket for storage.  If space is a problem; purchase baskets that fit under your coffee table and tuck them in.

Flannel SheetsTreat yourself in bed

In the bedroom, my one absolute “must-have” are my favorite sheets for winter.  Forget thread count, everyone should go for the Micro Flannel sheets that we design and develop by Cannon.  This is not your typical flannel sheet.  It has a more silky feel against your body and takes color beautifully.  I like to pick two colors that mix and match well together, and mix them up on the bed for some color.  (And yes, if it’s too cold for you to venture outside, they are available online to be shipped to your home).  My kids love them and ask for them on their beds all year round.  The only problem is getting them out of bed in the morning!

So what do you think of these ideas? Agree, disagree, have some better suggestions? Leave them all below in the comments!


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