Design Your Wine Refrigerator Into The Kitchen

I’ll let you in on a secret. I’m a wine lover and enjoy one glass of wine most nights of the week with dinner. In my household, we buy wine…whatever looks interesting, whether it is the label or the price or based on a good wine rating. And, of course, we buy based on the type of wine we want to drink. That said, there is an ocean of information that we do not know about wine and do not ask me about pairing food and wine! But, we know this…we enjoy it!

I used to think that wine refrigerators were for those who, let’s say, really understood the complexities of wine. Then, I found there was no good way to store wine in my kitchen, so a wine refrigerator was the logical answer regardless of my level of wine knowledge. To have a bottle of wine at the ready, whether to enjoy at dinner or for entertaining, chilled at the perfect temperature (I like my red wine ever so slightly chilled) feels like a luxury and is a great convenience for sure.

Wine refrigerators are available in quite a few sizes. When designing a wine refrigerator into the kitchen, the first question to ask is what size will best suit your needs? I found that a 15″ wide refrigerator, which holds 24 bottles and has 2 temperature zones, was the perfect solution for my household and my entertaining needs. Those who entertain frequently or drink wine on a near daily basis may require a 24″ size refrigerator, which holds approximately 48 bottles.

The best position of the wine refrigerator in the kitchen, especially if it is the built in type, is often near the outskirts of the main kitchen. Designing a wine refrigerator into the side of an island usually provides several solutions for ease of use, as one can create a mini wine bar area and be away from the main kitchen work areas. I have designed wine refrigerators into custom hutches and in den cabinetry as well. A wine refrigerator in a butler’s pantry is one of THE most requested features for those who have a small area of storage between the kitchen and dining area and it’s the perfect location to serve the dining area or to create a totally separate mini bar area.

I also like the mini wine refrigerators. For those with small spaces, or when you just need to store a few bottles, there is always a spot in the kitchen or other room to place the wine refrigerator. I think they look great. These small appliances can be placed on an open shelf in the kitchen, breakfast area, or den. A mini wine refrigerator might also look great in a “vignette” surrounded with cookbooks and a couple of decorative glasses perched nearby.

I love the dimension that a simple glass of wine brings to the end of my day. Cheers!


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